ch 22 history

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  1. who was the indochina communist led by
    ho chi minh
  2. vietminh
    an organization whose goal was to win vietnams independence from foreign rule
  3. william westmoreland
    american commander in south vietnam who continued to request troops
  4. dean rusk
    secretary of state. helped dispatch many soliders. stressed the defeat of communism in vietnam was vital
  5. robert mcnamara
    • secretary of defense.
    • key architect of US escalation in vietnam
  6. us invasion of cambodia
    announced by pres nixon to clear out N vietnam and vietcong supply center. caused a student protest
  7. ho chi minh trail
    a network of paths used by north vietnam to transport supplies to the cietcong in south vietnam
  8. tet offensive
    surprise attack by vietcong on south vietnamese towns
  9. vietcong
    south vietnam communist who fought against the south vietnam governemnt
  10. war powers act
    stipulated that a president mist inform congree within 48 hours of sending forces into a hostile area without a decleration of war
  11. SDS
    NEW LEFT ORGANIZATION that believed that corporations and large government had taken over america
  12. reasons of involvment in vietnam
    us got hit by vitnamese ship and did not communis spreading
  13. tactics of us military
    gradual wearing down the enemy by continuous harrassment
  14. tactics of us military with vietcong
    keep vietcong from winning the support of south vietnams rual population
  15. search and destroy missions
    uprooting civilians with suspected ties to the vietcong. killing their livestock and burning villages
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