regulate blood haemostatic

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  1. Taste and Temperature
    • Sour or astringent: restrains blood; these herbs are used symptomatically and in a first-aid
    • Cold and bitter: cools heat, bitter taste decreases fire
  2. Di Yu Sanguisorbae radix
    Cold tendency Bitter Sour Sinking
    LR LI ST SOA: Skin LJ
    • restrains blood
    • stops bleeding
    • drains damp heat
    • cools blood, clears fire
    • eczema burns & ulcers
    • C: cold or bld xu, Suspected stasis, Obstruction
    • P: allowed
  3. Xian He Cao Agrimoniae herba
    Cool Bitter Deep
    LR LU SP SOA: deep, interior
    • restrains blood
    • stops bleeding
    • cools blood
    • disinfects & detoxifies
    • C: nausea, vomit
    • P: allowed
  4. San Qi Notoginseng radix
    Warm Sweet Bitter Descending
    LR ST SOA: Ch
    • restrains blood
    • stops bleeding
    • injuries haematomas’ & wounds
    • breaks blood stagnation/swelling
    • relieves pain
    • C:
    • P: use with care
  5. Qian Cao Gen Rubiae radix
    Cold Bitter Deep
    LR HT SOA: deep, interior
    • restrains blood
    • cools blood
    • stops bleeding
    • breaks up blood stasis
    • C: cold xu, absence, of heat of excess sign
    • P: caution
  6. Pu Huang Typhae pollen
    Cattail pollen bull rush 20min (muslin cloth)
    Neutral Sweet Pungent Deep
    LR PC HT SP SOA: deep, interior
    • restrains blood
    • stops bleeding
    • cools blood
    • moves blood
    • C:
  7. Ai Ye Artemisiae argyi folium
    Mugwort leaf 20min
    Warm Bitter Pungent Deep
    SP LR KI SOA: LJ Uterus
    • warms channels
    • stops bleeding
    • dispels cold
    • relieves pain
    • drain damp restless fetus
    • C: yin xu
    • P: allowed

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regulate blood haemostatic
2012-06-09 10:05:23
regulate blood haemostatic

stop acute bleeding without causing blood stasis; bleeding can be brought to a standstill at the same time that circulation is maintained. Bleeding due to obstruction or accumulation of blood, such as menorrhagia
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