Trouble Core 1

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  1. abdicate
    relinquish power or position

    The king was forced to abdicate.
  2. abeyance

    Our weekend plans were held in abeyance until we could get a weather forecast.
  3. abstemious

    Being abstemious diners, they avoid restaurants with all-you-can-eat buffets.
  4. accost
    to approach and speak to someone in a challenging or aggressive way

    She was so famous that people would accost her on the street and ask for an autograph.
  5. admonish
    warn gently

    My physician is always admonishing me to eat more healthy foods.
  6. aegis
    that which protects

    A medical study that was questioned by many because it was done under the aegis of a major pharmaceutical company.
  7. affable

    As the show's affable host, she keeps the freewheeling gabfest from getting out of hand.
  8. alacrity

    Having just acquired his driver's license that morning, the teen agreed with alacrity to drive his cousin to the airport.
  9. anathema
    denunciation, curse

    Snobs dismissed his work as middlebrow (a category that few people worry about in our day but that once was anathema)
  10. animus

    She felt due animus against those who had wronged her.
  11. antipodal
    exactly opposite; opposed

    love is antipodal to hate
  12. approbation

    The company has even received the approbation of its former critics.
  13. ascetic

    Mattsson, ascetic for a bachelor, imposes the same austerity on himself. LeBeau is much less restrained.
  14. assiduous

    They were assiduous in their search for all the latest facts and figures, working well into the night.
  15. auspicious

    she told him she couldn't dance with him just then, but her auspicious smile encouraged him to ask again later
  16. averice

    The corporate world is plagued by avarice and a thirst for power.
  17. belie

    a tree whose delicate beauty belies its real toughness
  18. bucolic

    a bucolic region where farms are still common
  19. cachet

    His research in Antarctica gave him a certain cachetamong other scientists.
  20. callow

    a story about a callow youth who learns the value of hard work and self-reliance
  21. canon

    The king fairly judged the men based on the canons of the land.
  22. capacious

    that car has a capacious trunk that makes it a good choice for families
  23. capitulate

    The country still refuses to capitulate despite its weakening army and dwindling resources.
  24. catholic
    universal, worldly

    a museum director with catholic tastes in art
  25. censure

    a vote to censure the President for conduct that was unbecoming to his office
  26. chary

    chary investors who weren't burned by the dot-com bust
  27. coda
    concluding passage

    The movie's coda shows the main character as an adult 25 years later.
  28. cogent
    well-put, convincing

    the results of the DNA fingerprinting were the most cogent evidence for acquittal
  29. commensurate

    was given a job commensurate with her abilities and experience
  30. commiserate

    “Did you enjoy your breakfast?” “The eggs were runny.” “I know,” the woman commiserated. “I was thinking the same."
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