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  1. Where
    is the result of the formula displayed?
    Formula Bar

  2. To change the name of a worksheet
    Formula Bar

  3. The formula used to multiply cell A1 by cell C1 is
    • =(A1*C1)

  4. Tab in the Page Setup dialog box to center your worksheet horizontally
  5. Small black box you see in the corner of the active cell
    • AutoFill Handle

  6. Rows are represented by
    • Alphabetical Letters

  7. Recognize button to place filename on page printout

  8. Recognize a data marker

  9. Prewritten formula that is a shortcut for commonly used calculations

  10. Pie chart with one or more slices separated from the whole
    • Exploding Pie Chart

  11. Operator to multiply the value of a cell by some number
    • *

  12. Insert a(n) __________ before the column and row of the cell reference to create absolute reference.

  13. Indicated by a dark outlining border
    • Fill Handler

  14. In Excel worksheets, columns are represented by
    • Fill Handler

  15. In Excel worksheets, columns are represented by

  16. Identifies the name of the worksheet.
    • Worksheet Tab

  17. Groups of cells, either a single cell or a rectangular block of cells.

  18. Single plotted Graphic in a chart.
    • Scatter Plot

  19. Equation that performs calculations in a cell
    • Function

  20. Entire document created by using Excel
    • Worksheet

  21. Each Excel workbook is made up of individual

  22. Displays the contents of an active cell.
    formula bar

  23. Displays the contents of an active cell.
    formula bar

  24. Command to see a preview of your printout before printing the worksheet.
    • Print View

  25. Characters +, -, *, and / are examples of

  26. Cell references that change when copied
    • Relative Referencing

  27. Button in Editing Group that creates a formula that contains a SUM function?
    • Function Library

  28. A SUM function to create the formula =F11+F12+F13+F14.
    • =(F11:F14)

  29. Assigned alphabetic labels

  30. An Excel formula always begins with
    • =

  31. A cell reference in a formula that does not change when copied
    • Absolute reference
  32. active cell
    location in he worksheet that will display typed data or that will be affected by a command
  33. cell pointer
    select cells when you see this icon by clicking or dragging the mouse
  34. dialog box launcher
    click the downward-pointing diagonal arrow at the bottom right in a group to open the dialog box with more options for that group
  35. file tab
    displays the backstage view with document managment actions such as save or print and a list of recently opened workbooks
  36. formula bar
    displays the contents stored in the active cell
  37. minimize the ribbon button
    click to show or hide the ribbon
  38. name text box
    displays the active cell adress or name assigned to active cell
  39. quick access toolbar
    contains buttons for commonly used commands which can be excuted with a single mouse click
  40. ribbon
    area from which commands and features for performing actions on a cll or worksheet are accessed; begin by selecting a tab and then choosing the command or feature
  41. sheet tabs
    identifies the worksheets in the workbook; use these tabs to change the active worksheet
  42. status bar
    displays current mode, action messages, view butons, and zoom slider
  43. tabs
    commands and features in the ribbon are organized into related groups which are accesed by clicking a tab name
  44. title bar
    displays workbook name followed by microsoft excel
  45. vertical and horizantal scroll bars
    used to view various parts of the worksheet beyond the current scrren
  46. worksheet area
    contains cells used to create worksheet
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