Advanced Turning

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  1. What is the acceleration force in a turn known as
    Centripetal Force
  2. What are the requirements for a min radius turn
    • minimum wing loading
    • max density (sea level)
    • max product of CL , Sin(AOB)
  3. What are the requirements for a max rate turn
    • max density
    • Minimum wing loading
    • Max product of CL, V and Sin(AOB)
  4. How does thrust aid in a max rate turn
    • Vertical component of thrust acts in same direction as lift (this is more apparent as the critical angle of attack is reached)
    • Either less lift is required of the turn rate/radius is improved
  5. What is the effect of flap in a max rate turn
    Produces more lift but for a dispraportionate increase in drag.
  6. The Theoretical minumum radius of turn of turn occurs when EAS is infinity, what two factors stop this from this from being the case
    • Reynold number
    • Speed sound
    • Both decrease CL and decrease Centripetel force.
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Advanced Turning

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