Aged Care - general and hostel

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  1. What are the two different types of aged care facilities?
    Nursing Homes (High Care) and Hostels (Low Care)
  2. Who must assess you before you are admitted to an aged care facility
    An Age Care Assessment Team (ACAT)
  3. What are facilities (either hostel or nursing home) with high level of accomidation called (e.g. delux room with private bathroom)
    Extra Service Homes.
  4. Are Extra service homes permitted to ask for an accommodation bond?
    Yes - unless the resident switches from general to extra service within the same home.
  5. Draw the Fee Chart
    Image Upload 1
  6. What is the basic daily care fee - definition and what is the amount for new residents
    The min amount payable by hostel resident - $41.71 per day for new residents.
  7. What are the four classes of Daily care fee. What are the two you are likely to deal with.
    Standard, Phased, Protected, Non-Standard - you will deal with Standard and Phased.
  8. What is the definition of phased daily care fee?
    Entered daycare after 19 September 2009 an is either:

    • - non pensioner
    • - a part pensioner with income on or over a certain threshold.

    Phased residents will become standard residents in 2013
  9. If my cetnrelink assessable income is above _____ single and _____ couple then I am a phased resident
    • 393.90 Single
    • $375.90 Couple
  10. What is the maximum income tested fee?
  11. What is the formula for calculating the income tested fee?
    (Total assessable income - income free area) x 5/12
  12. Total assessable income is the the fortnightly:
    • Centrelink assessable income +
    • Cenrelink pensions, DVA pension, less
    • The minimum pension supliment.
  13. When calculating theh total assessable income if the resident is a couple then
    Half the couples assessable centrelink income is used.
  14. What is the minimum pension supplement. Definition and Rate
    It forms part of some centrelink and dva payments (such as pensions) $32.20
  15. Keven is single and receives a pension of $623.80pf He has $400pf of centrelink assessable income. What is his income tested fee?
    Income = $623.80 - 32.20 + $400 - $991.60

    ($991.60 - $825.17 (phased)) x 5/12 = $69.34 pf

    daily fee = $69.34 / 14 = $4.95
  16. Louise is single and recieves no age pension. She has $1600 pf of income. What is her daily income tested fee
    • $1600 income
    • Phased
    • ($1600 - $825.17)x 5/12 = $322.84pf
    • daily income tested fee is $23.06
  17. What are two reasons you won't have the minimum pension suplement subtracted when calculating the income tested fee?
    Not receiving cetnrelink payments or under age (under age payments won't contain this amount)
  18. Can the income tested fee change?
    Yes, whenever the residents income changes.
  19. What can happen when the income tested fee is being determined?
    An interim fee is charged and will be rebated if overcharged.
  20. What is the incomme free area for:
    Standard single
    Standard couple
    Phased Single
    Phased Couple
    • $866.60
    • $848.80
    • $825.17
    • $807.17
  21. Accomidation Bonds - Hostels - the residents may pay the bond upfront they must be offered
    Six months from entry to pay.
  22. Who sets the cost of the bond
    The Hostels
  23. Some hostels may offer some places for no bond or a discounted bond - what are these residents called and why woudl the hostel offer it
    • Supported residents
    • Because they will get an additional subsidy for these residents.
  24. After paying the bond, residents must be left with a minimum of ______ in assets.
    $40,500 in assets.
  25. Marco is entering a hostel He is single and has $300k in assets, what is the most he can be charged
    $300k - $40,500 = $259,500
  26. If Julia is married and the combined assets with her husband total $300k then what is the most Julia can be charged.
    $150k - $40,500 = $109,500
  27. If the hostel requires a certain amount of bond and this leaves the resident with less than $40,500 then
    They may not be offered a spot.
  28. what are the options for paying the accomodation bond
    Lump sum, periodical or a combination of the two.
  29. The bond is refundable less a _________ amount of ____ per month for the first _____ years
    • Retention amount
    • $318 per month
    • First five years.
  30. How are accomodation bonds treated under centrelink
    • Excempt asset
    • Not income tested or deemed.
  31. Is the accomodation bond government guaranteed?
  32. The family home is usually included when calculating aged care costs except in the following situations:
    • Spouse or dependand child is living at home
    • A carer eligible for income support has been living there for at least two years.
    • A close family relative who is eligible for incoem support payment has been living there for at least 5 years.
  33. When is it possible that super may not be counted as an asset
    When it can't be accessed as a lump sum - some DB schemes.
  34. What is an disadvantage of moving from TAP to TAP
    Taps are only excempt under age pension if they commenced before 2007. Therefor moving to a new TAP will mean that it is assessed.
  35. What happens when a resident moves from a nursing home to a hostel?
    A new assesment is made and an accomodation bond may be payable.
  36. When a couple is seperated due to illness centrelink will

    Pay what rate of pension
    use what thresholds
    • Paid single rate of pension
    • Use the couple income and assets thresholds.
  37. What is the Net medical expences tax offset rate?
    20% of all medical expences above $2000
  38. In relation to age care fees - what can be used for medical expences tax offset rate
    Just about everything apart from the acomodation bond.
  39. If my total costs for age care are $30k what is the offset I can claim?
    ($30k - $2k) X 20%
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