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  1. short term memory
    is the memory stage in which the recognized info from sensory memory enters consciousness
  2. in this task, the participant is presented a series of items one at a time and has to remember the items in the order that they were presented
    memory span task
  3. defined as the avg # of items you can remember across a series of memory span trials
    memory span
  4. a meaningful unit in memory
    (the capacity limit in short term memory is in terms of chunks, 7 +,-, chunks)
    • chunk
    • ** if the chunks are larger for a particular type of material (words v letters) we remember more info bt nt more chunks
  5. a memory task in which a small amount of info is briefly presented and then the participant is distracted from rehearsing the info for a variable period of which the participant has to recall the info
    distractor task
  6. repeating the info in short term memory over and over again in order to maintain it
    ex: rehearse a phone # over and over to ourselves until we dial it
    maintenance rehearsal
  7. allows storage of info for a long period of time and its capacity is essentially unlimited
    long term memory
  8. the brains memory storage capacity has been estimated to be around 2.5 petabytes= to 3 million hrs of tv
  9. 4 types of LTM
    explicit , semantic, episodic, and implicit
  10. long term mem for factual knowledge and personal experiences. requires a conscious effort to remember and entails making declarations abt the info remembered
    • explicit (declarative) mem
    • (being asked who the 1st president was and answering)
  11. memory of fatual knowledge
    semantic memory
  12. memory of personal life experinces
    episodic memory
  13. explicit memory contains
    semantic and episodic memory
  14. implicit (nondeclarative) memory
    is long term memory that influences our behavior bt doesnt require conscious awareness or declarative statements.
  15. physical procedural aspect like driving...
    procedural memories
  16. types of implicit memory
    classical conditioning procedural, and priming`
  17. priming
    an earlier stimulus influences the response to a later stimulus. its classified as implicit mem bc it occurs independent of a persons conscious mem for the priming stimulus
  18. ppl with severe memory deficits following brain surgery or injury, that explicit and implicit memories are processed in different parts of the brain.
  19. the inability to form new explicit long term memories following surgery or trauma to the brain
    anterograde amnesia
  20. the disruption of memory for the past, especially episodic info for events before brain surgery or trauma
    retrograde amnesia
  21. our inability as adults to remember events that occurred in our lives before abt 3 yrs of age
    child amnesia
  22. participants are given a list of words one at a time and then asked to recall them in any order they wish
    free recall task
  23. the superior recall of the early portion of the early portion of a list relative to the middle of the list in a one trial free recall task
    primacy effect
  24. the superior recall of the latter portion of the list relative to the middle of the list in a one trial free recall task
    recency effect
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