Trouble Core 4

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  1. prodigious
    marvelous, enormous

    stage magicians performing prodigious feats for rapt audiences
  2. profligate
    licenticious, prodigal

    profligate movie producers hoping to create the next blockbuster with special effects and big-name stars
  3. profusion

    apples grow in profusion in this valley
  4. prosaic
    uninspired, flat

    She believes the noises are made by ghosts, but I think there's a more prosaic explanation.
  5. proscribe

    regulations proscribe the use of electronic devices on board a plane while it is landing
  6. protuberance

    the tree trunk had several mossy protuberances where branches had once grown
  7. pundit
    politically astute person

    the new mini laptop has gotten a thumbs-up from industry pundits
  8. quash
    put down, suppress

    quash a rebellion
  9. quixotic
    impractical, romantic

    in this age of giant chain stores, any attempt at operating an independent bookstore must be regarded asquixotic
  10. refractory
    obstinate, resisting control

    believing that rules are only for other people, he's been refractory virtually his entire life
  11. relegate
    assign to an inferior position

    courtiers and generals who incurred the emperor's disfavor were soon relegated to the farther reaches of the empire
  12. reprehensible

    your behavior towards the other team was trulyreprehensible, so you're being suspended from the next three games
  13. reprobate
    • 1. (v) condem, reject
    • 2. (adj) depraved
    • 3. (n) miscreant

    3. a program for rehabilitating hard-core reprobates and turning them into hard-working, law-abiding citizens>
  14. repudiate

    She says she has evidence which repudiates the allegations.
  15. reticent

    her husband is by nature a reticent person, never making an openly bold statement
  16. sanctimonious

    a sanctimonious moralist
  17. sanction

    Their policy has legal sanction.
  18. sedulous

    an impressively sedulous suitor, he was constantly sending her flowers and other tokens of his affection
  19. solicitous
    considerate, concerned

    I appreciated his solicitous inquiry about my health.
  20. sophistry
    specious reasoning

    His sophistry had me reeling, doubting my own arguments and unable to contradict his false claims.
  21. surfeit

    ended up with a surfeit of volunteers who simply got in each other's way
  22. tacit
    understood without being spoken

    She felt that she had her parents' tacit approval to borrow the car.
  23. temerity

    she had the temerity to ask my boyfriend if she could go out with him should he and I ever break up
  24. torpid
    lethargic, inactive

    a torpid sloth that refused to budge off its tree branch
  25. tractable
    docile, manageable

    This new, improved approach should make the problem moretractable.
  26. trenchant
    incisive, penetrating

    even the most trenchant sword could not sever the bonds of loyalty between them

    a writer with a trenchant wit
  27. truculent
    fierce, savage

    a theater critic who was notorious for his titanicallytruculent reviews
  28. ubiquitous
    omnipresent, pervasive

    The company's advertisements are ubiquitous. I'm sick of seeing them everywhere.
  29. untoward
    perverse, improper, unruly

    tried, unsuccessfully to reason with the untoward child

    his appearance was utterly untoward, tatters in the courtroom
  30. vituperative

    the type of provocative magazine article that is guaranteed to engender vituperative threats of subscription cancellations
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