HR Management Chap 2

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  1. Define ethics and understand the model of ethics
    • Ethics is a discipline dealing with what is good and bad, or right and wrong, or with moral duty and obligation.
    • Ethics is about deciding whether an action is good or bad and what to do about it if it is bad. Ethics is a philosophical discipline that describes and directs moral conduct.
  2. Ethics Type 1 .
    sources of ethical guidance should lead to our belief or conviction about what is right or wrong. Most would agree that people have a responsibility to avail themselves of these sources of ethical guidance. Sources such as Holy Bible, conscience or significant others like role models friends, parents
  3. Ethics Type 2
    Strength of the relationship between what one believes and how one behaves. Example manager knows he is doing wrong by discriminating however continues to do it anyway.
  4. Explain the 3 attempts of legislating ethics
    • 1. Procurement Integrity Act of 1988-prohibits the release of source selection and contdractor bid or proposal info.
    • 2.1992 Fed Sentencing Guidelines for Organization (FSGO) Executives were to become more proactive to prevent white collar crime it would lessen a jugement against time reduce liability. Executives responded by hiring ethics officer, installing ethic hotlines and developing codes of ethics.
    • 3.Legislating business ethics with corporate structure by mandating auditing, accountability, responsibility, and Transparency Act of 2002. also called Sardanes-Oxley Act focused on accounting and financial reporting abuses in corporate scandals. The Act brought about the WHISLE-BLOWER protections.
  5. Understand the importance of the code of ethics and describe linking pay to ethical behavior.
    Companies have discovered employees who have a sound ethical base tends to be more successful. Organizations are redesigning their ethics program to facilitate a broader and more consistent process that incorporates the analysis of success and continual improvement.
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