88L Detroit-D

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  1. Where is the option plate located?
    Under the valve cover
  2. How many blowers are there and what kind are they?
    2 chain linked small bearing blowers
  3. What is the governor powered by?
    By the blower rotor shaft
  4. where is the fuel pump located and what is the spring loaded relief set to open at?
    mounted on governor housing and also works off blower rotor and spring set to open at 65-75 psi
  5. what is the restrictive fitting for and where is it located?
    It creates fuel pressure inside the cylinder head and is located on the return side of the fuel system
  6. how many intake valves are there?
    0- they have scavanger ports
  7. What types of fuel injector?
  8. what will happen if you exceed specified torque on injector fuel lines.
    will cause twisting or fracturing of the flare ends.
  9. how many thermostats are there?
  10. what kind of starting motor is on the engine?
    Hyd motor, Electrical and Manually actuated
  11. where is the oil pump relief valve located and at what pressure does it drain?
    Located between the oil pump outlet and cylinder block vertical gallery and drains at 120 psi
  12. where is the pressure regulator valve located and what psi does it maintain?
    Located beneath the cylinder block at lower end of vertical oil gallery on opposite side of oil cooler and maintains a pressure of 50 psi
  13. what kind of oil pump? wheres it located? And how is spaced?
    Positive displacment gear type. Mounted on the 1rst and 2nd main bearing caps. and is shimmed at the mounting feet to obtain proper clearance of the gears
  14. how should you store cylinder liners
  15. what is fretting
    slight lines where the liner has moved
  16. what is brinelling?
    surface deformation
  17. what should you do when reusing a cylinder liner?
    it must be honed to break the glaze and to remove ridges
  18. how do you do a block face test
    check surfaces for flatness w/ a accurate straight edge or feeler gauge.
  19. if a rocker arm is damaged what should you do?
    replace corresponding push rod as well
  20. what kind of cylinder head cooling do they have casted in the cylinder head?
    relief area in the shape of a dog bone
  21. where is the load on the main bearing?
    carried on the lower bearing half
  22. Where is the load the the connecting rod bearings?
    carries the load on the upper bearing halfs
  23. what is the main purpose of the camshaft?
    to actuate the rocker arms
  24. what main bearing does not have an oil passage?
    rear Main bearing
  25. how many main bearing caps?
  26. where are the thrust washers located on the main bearings?
    are only used in the rear main bearing position
  27. what do you have to do if you replace one main bearing?
    replace them all
  28. what will happen to the fluoreslistomer ring between the crown and the skirt if it is heated about 600 F
    will decompose and produce a hydrofluoric acid
  29. how many rings are on the piston
    • 5- 1 tapered fire ring( also know an the KEYSTONE ring)
    • 2 compression rings
    • 2 oil control rings
  30. why should you never over torque the connecting rod bolt nuts?
    may permanently distort the connecting rod caps
  31. what are the two types of piston heads?
    cross-head and trunk type pistons
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