Deaf Perspectives Exam 4

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  1. CODA
    • Child(ren) Of Deaf Adults
    • Kid(s) Of Deaf Adults
  2. What is KODA West?
    a CODA organization
  3. When deaf parents learn their child is hearing, what do they often do?
    make sure the child can hear and speak well
  4. What sometimes happens to a CODA's speech?
    it's delayed because they're so used to signing and not listening/speaking (they just need some speech therapy to catch up)
  5. How well does a CODA sign?
    their signing is sloppy, but their facial expressions and body movements are perfect.
  6. Who were the original interpreters?
    CODAs were before certified interpreters
  7. Organizations:
    • GLAD: Greater Los Angeles council on Deafness
    • POV: Peace Over Violence
    • Deaf Hope
    • ADWAS: Abused Deaf Women Advocacy Service (Seattle)
    • St. John's mental health counseling (Santa Monica)
    • SCIL: Service Center for Independent Living (Claremont)
    • Awakenings: substance or alcohol abuse
  8. ADA
    Americans with Disability Act
  9. Who started the ADA and why?
    Sen. Tom Harkins, who had a deaf brother, and saw a lot of discrimination problems with his brother
  10. What does the ADA do?
    it is designed to prevent discrimination for all people with disabilities
  11. ADA - Title 1:
    Employment: cannot discriminate for a job employment based on disability
  12. ADA - Title 2:
    Public Entities (public transportation): physical access (like a ramp for wheelchairs) must be provided for EVERYONE
  13. ADA - Title 3:
    • Public Accommodations: for every 10 rooms there must be AT LEAST 1 an accessible for disabilities (for the deaf, let them know in advance and they will provide accommodations free or charge), interpreters must be provided at public places (unless it creates “undue financial hardship” then it can't be enforced), MUST REMOVE
  14. ADA - Title 4:
    Telecommunication: allowed deaf people to get a TTY, now videophones are given to deaf people for FREE!, COMMUNICATION 24/7
  15. Deaf Devices:
    • -doorbell/phone/baby-noise light
    • -alarm clock that can make a light go on, make the TV go on, or make a fan turn on OR it has a really bright light that flashes in your face OR has a vibrator (not cheap)
    • *Harris makes alarms for the deaf
  16. SSI:
    Supplemental Security Income
  17. What does SSI do?
    gives extra time and money for deaf college students that need time to study more. When they get a job it's reduced or comepletely taken away depending on their pay
  18. Northern California colleges:
    Ohlone college and Fremont college
  19. What is the name of the college for the deaf on Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)?
    NTID: National Technical Institute for the Deaf
  20. DOR:
    Department of Rehabilitartion (pays for school, hearing aid, gas money, uniform, etc.)
  21. VR:
    Vocational Rehabilitation (goal is pay for school to get them off the street/off SSI and get them out into the working world
  22. Jobs for the deaf in the:
    • Past: shoemaker, printer, sewing machine operator
    • Now: many different jobs because of technology
  23. Why was deaf peddling started?
    deaf people lost jobs when WWII ended and all the jobs were given to the military people
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