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  1. female client has heavy, yellow-green, purulent vaginal discharge probably has what
  2. male client who presents with mucopurulent discharge should have which initial exam done to confirm a preliminary dx of chlamydia
    GC culture and gram stain for gonorrhea
  3. Most common complication of gonorrhea in women is
    salpingitis that can progress to PID
  4. which lab studies can confirm a dx of syphilis in its primary stages
    • DFM (dark field microscopy)
    • Serologic test for syphilis
    • Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test (FTA-ABS)
  5. What are treatments for chlamydial infections?
    • doxycycline (vibramycin) for 7 days orally
    • azithromycin (zithromax) in one dose
  6. current recommonded treatment regimen for uncomplicated gonorrhea is
    a single dose of IM rocephin (ceftriaxine) or cefixin
  7. recommonded treatment for an acute primary infection of genital herpes is
    • zovirax (acyclovir) for 7 -10 days
    • famciclovir
    • valacyclovir
  8. what is the treatment for syphillis
    • penicillin IM
    • Alternate: doxycycline, tetracycline, erythromycin
  9. What are the long term effects of syphillis
    systematic diseases and even death
  10. what is the treatment for gonorrhea
    • cefixime (orally)
    • ceftriaxone (IM)
  11. What are some signs and symptoms of gonorrhea in women
    abnormal discharge, pelvic pain, dysuria and swollen, red labia
  12. What is the treatment for HPV
    • lmiquimod, podophyllin, podofilox
    • cryotherapy (lesion removal)
  13. what can HPV lead to?
    cervical cancer
  14. what are some S & S of HPV?
    genital warts
  15. what are long term effects of chlamydia
    • acute salpingitis
    • PID
    • Cervix inflammation
    • ulcerations
  16. Which STIs are associated with PROM
    • trichomoniasis
    • gonorrhea
  17. what STI is associated with preterm labor
  18. how do you treat trichomoniasis
  19. what are S/S of trichomoniasis
    • yellow/greenish malodorous discharge
    • inflammation of the vulva and/or vagina
    • irritation and itching
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