Biology Final

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  1. What is mitosis? And what are the products of mitosis?
    Mitosis is the division of the nucleus in somatic cells (example, skin). The products of mitosis are identical nucleuses.
  2. What are the four steps of mitosis?
    • 1. Prophase
    • 2. Metaphase
    • 3. Anaphase
    • 4. Telophase
  3. What happens in prophase?
    Nucleus membrane breaks down and the cells chromatids condense into chromosomes.
  4. What happens in metaphase?
    The chromosomes line up at the middle of the cell.
  5. What happens in anaphase?
    Chromosomes begin to move to opposite sides of the cell.
  6. What happens in telophase?
    Cell will begin to pinch in and contains two nucleuses.
  7. How is the cell cycle of a cancerous cell different from a normal, healthy cell?
    The cancerous cell continues to grow rapidly.
  8. What is the importance of spindle fibers during mitosis?
    Spindle fiber pull the chromosomes apart.
  9. What is meiosis?
    Division of the reproduction cells.
  10. What is the difference between diploid and haploid?
    Diploid have two copies of each chromosomes. Haploid is a cell with half the number of chromosomes.
  11. What are the number of Daughter cells in mitosis? And meiosis?
    Mitosis has two daughter cells, and meiosis has four.
  12. What is the change in the number of chromosomes in mitosis? and meiosis?
    Mitosis will have 46 chromosomes, and meiosis will have 23.
  13. How many phases are in meiosis?
    Meiosis has eight phases.
  14. How is synapsis important to homologous chromosomes in meiosis?
    Its important because only one copy will line up (physically bonding together) during prophase.
  15. What is the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction?
    Sexual reproduction needs two parents and the offspring are the same. Asexual involves one parent and the offspring is identical.
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