Geo 5 Chapter 18

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  1. Describe succession.
    Natural disasters/disturbance that leaves behind a seared landscape, which takes time to recover.
  2. What is a pioneer species?
    A plant species that doesn't requre much to survive.
  3. What do the lower horizons in soil demonstrate?
    Chemistry of the rock.
  4. To where does water carry chemicals in soil?
    From higher to lower horizons.
  5. What is a pedon?
    A hexagonal soil profile.
  6. What six factors determine soil?
    Climate, bedrock, elevation, slope, plant community and fire.
  7. What are the eight properties of soil?
    Color, texture, structure, consistency, porosity, moisture, chemistry and acidity/alkalinity.
  8. What happens to the flat layers of clay as they get wet and dry?
    As they get wet, the flat layers swell up. When dry, they contract and get as hard as a brick.
  9. True/False: Sand is permeable and porous.
  10. What mixture does silt want?
    A mixture of soil and sand.
  11. What is loam?
    The best soil, which contains a mixture of soil, sand, and humus (silt?)
  12. True/False: Pine trees have alkaline needles that turn the soil basic.
    False. Pine tree needles are acidic.
  13. What kind of soil do plants prefer?
    Neutral soil.
  14. What is the perfect plant environment?
    Mild climate, rich soil, loam, flat slope, lower elevation, and low fire rates.
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