Geo 5 Chapter 19

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  1. Define biogeography.
    The distribution of plants and animals.
  2. Define ecology.
    The study of living organisms.
  3. What are biomes?
    The largest recognizable ecosystems.
  4. What are the five different types of biomes?
    Forest, savannah, grassland, desetrts, and tundra.
  5. What determines plant and animal life availability?
    Climate (rainfall and temperature), soils, elevation and slope.
  6. What are ecosystem services?
    Air, water, food
  7. Whar is an example of an exotic feature?
    The Colorado River running through the desert.
  8. What does xeric signify?
    A drought environment.
  9. What forms a community?
    Interactions among populations of living animals and plants at a particular time.
  10. What are the plant communities in the Santa Monica mountains?
    Chapparal, coastal sage scrub, grasslands, oak woodlands, and riparian woodlands.
  11. Define niche.
    The function of a life form within a given community.
  12. What are vascular plants?
    Plants that suck nutrients up.
  13. What do life zones possess?
    Their very own temperature, precipiation, insolation relations and therefore it own biotic community.
  14. What are examples of decomposers?
  15. What do dendritic feeders eat?
    Dead stuff.
  16. What causes primary succession?
    Volcanic eruptions and glaciers.
  17. What causes secondary succession?
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