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  1. Ivan Pavlov
    classical conditioning
  2. Unconditioned stimulus
  3. automatic response
  4. neutral stimulus
  5. Conditioned stimulus
  6. conditioned response
  7. Watson
    attended johns hopkins, behaviorism
  8. Watson
    Give me a dozen healthy infants...
  9. Watson
    Baby Albert
  10. Skinner
    went to school to be a writer, and back for psychology
  11. Skinner
    RADICAL behaviorist
  12. Skinner
    OPERANT conditioning
  13. Skinner
    Personality is meaningless
  14. Operant theory
    Responses have environmental consequences; those rewarded appear again
  15. Operant conditioning can also be used to express
    emotional aspects of personality;
  16. Skinner
    Walden Two
  17. Walden Two
    Skinner's novel. A design society of applied operant conditioning, controlling environment through pos reinf, communities founded on these behavioral principles
  18. Clark Hull
    Habits, external AND INTERNAL states of environment
  19. Dollard and Miller
    Combined psychoanalytic theory with behaviorism
  20. Dollard and Miller
    Social learning theory
  21. Dollard and Miller
    Primary drives
  22. Dollard and Miller
    secondary drives (by satisfaction of primary)
  23. Dollard and Miller
    Habit hierarchy (personality is probabgility of responses)
  24. Dollard and Miller
    Agression occurs as result of blocking efforts to attain goal
  25. Dollard and Miller
    Internal conflicts (approach-avoidance; approach-approach; avoidance-avoidance)
  26. Behaviorist analogy
    humans intelligents as rates learning life mazes
  27. Advantages of Behaviorist approach
    rigoros study, looks for gen laws that apply to all organisms, forces attention to environ influences on behavior
  28. Limits of behaviorist approach
    ignores cog and social aspects, dehumanize unique human potentials, dif between humans explained as consequence of reinf. histories, humans act as objects to be trained
  29. Behaviorist View of free will
    Behavior determined by environment
  30. Common assessment techniques of behaviorism theories
    experimental analysis of animal learning
  31. Implications for behaviorist and leanring
    teachig desirable habits and behaviors, extinguishing undesirable ones
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