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  1. Humanistic and existential
    humans are fundamentally good
  2. existentialism
    human beings create their own life meanings; phenomenological
  3. BK loren quote
    a person must be utterly in the moment, .... you begin to own your own life
  4. Humanism
    emphasiezes the personal worth of the individual and mportance of human values; our existence comes from our relations with others
  5. Humanism dialogues
    I-thou, I-it
  6. The human potential movement
    people encouraged to realize their inner potentials, uses group meetings, self-disclosure and introspection
  7. Erich Fromm
    atheistic mystic
  8. Eric from's views
    Love (allows us to overcome isolation while remaining individual, loving is an art, modern society encourages existential alienation)
  9. Eric Fromm's dialectal humanism
    reconciles bio driven side of humans and pressure of societal structure; believes people can ranscend these forces through free will
  10. Carl Ransom Rogers
    studiesd in seminary, became child psychologist, influenced by adler, emphasized taking personal responsibility for one's own life
  11. Carl Rogers' reponsiblity
    people have tendency toward growth and maturation; becoming one's self, people must strive to take responsibility for themselves
  12. Rogers statement
    the process of the good life is not, i am convinced, a life for the faint hearted it involves stretching and growing of becoming more and more of ones potentialitites. it involves the courage to be. it means launching oneswlf fully into the stream of life.
  13. Roer's fully functioning person
    openness to experience, increasingly existential lifestyle, increasing organismic trust, freedom of choice, creativity, reliabiloity and constructiveness, a rich full life
  14. Carl Rogers developed
    rogerian psychotherapy.
  15. Rogers. for constructive personality change (8 STEPS)
    person comes in, helping situation is defined, counselor encourages free expression, counselor accepts and regonizes and clarifies neg feelings, when neg feeligns expressed, followed by expressions of pos impulses which make for growth, counselor accepts and recogniszes pos feelings, there is insight understand of self, cstep of pos action along with decreasing need for help
  16. Carl Rogers views on how therapist should be
    supportive and nondirective, client oriented, provide client with unconditional pos regard, provide empathetic understanding of clients internal frame of reference
  17. Carl Rogers points
    importance of congruence (accurate self perception, accurate communication.
  18. The incongruent individual
    distortion and denial
  19. Rolo May (anxiety and dread)
    anxiety triggered by threat to core values of existence, when anxious, we search for meaning of life.
  20. Victor Frankl (anxiety and dread)
    imp of personal choice, logotherapy (CHOSING to find meaning of life); existential humanistic approaches and support groups
  21. Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
    self actualization, inesteem, love/belonging, safety, physiological
  22. Maslow's peak experiences -
    people transcend the self become one with world, and feel completely self-fulfilled
  23. Measuring self-actualization
    interview, observation, proj tests, bio studies, personal orientation inventory (POI)(self repor questionnaire, captures some aspects of healthy personality)
  24. Eight ways to self actualize
    experience things fully, life is ongiong process of choosing between safety and risk, let the self emerge, be honst, listen to own tastes, use yhour intelligence, make peak experiencing more likely, find out who you are, what you like and dont like, what is good and bad for you, where you are going, what your mission is.
  25. Ronnie Laing
    how dare you be sane in a sane world/ anti=psychiatry
  26. Knot's statement
    they are playing a game. they are playing at not playing a game. if i show them i see they are, i shall break the rules and they will punish me. i must play their game. of not seieing i see the game -Knots
  27. Happiness and positive psychology
    who is happy?
  28. Positive psychology
    explores pos forces of life. (hope creativity wisdom spirituality)
  29. pos psychology application to mental health
    studies of wisdom and excellence in performance, escape focus on mental illness, pathological behavior, failures of motivation and control
  30. The american paradox
    society embodies progress, yet we are not more happy, progess comes with new set of problems.
  31. Possible solutions for american paradox
    alturism, fidelity, family, community, spirituality
  32. Lao Tzu
    contemporary confucious, taoism the way and its power
  33. Tao "the way"
    inherent order or property of the universe (the tao, wu (emptiness), wu-wei (nondoing), fu (the return of all things to their origins)
  34. Analogy of humanistic -existential approach
    humans are free sentient beings seeking spiritual fullfilment
  35. advantages
    emphasizes struggle for self fullfillment, spiritual nature of person, healthy well-adjusted individuals, considers each individual's experience unique
  36. Limits
    avoid quantification and scientific method, insufficiently concerned with reason, theories are sometimes ambiguous or inconsistent
  37. view of free will
    essential to being human
  38. assessment techniques
    interview, self exploration, art, literature, bio analysis, special achievement, self-report tests, observation
  39. Implications
    encourage self-knowledge through experiences appropriate to individual. roger's clientcentered therapy offeres genuine, empathetic therapist who offers unconditional pos rgard.
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