Muscle Innervation of the Lower Limb

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  1. Muscles of the Anterior Compartment: Femoral Nerve Sartorius
    • Quadriceps femoris-rectus femoris
    • vastus medialis
    • vastus intermedius
    • vastus lateralis
  2. Muscles of the Medial Compartment: Obturator Nerve
    • Adductor longus
    • adductor brevis
    • adductor magnus (obturator and tibial nerves)
    • * gracilis
    • obturator externus
    • pectineus (femoral and obturator nerves)*
  3. Muscles of the Posterior Compartment: Tibial Part of Sciatic Nerve
    • Semitendinosus
    • semimembranosus;
    • biceps femoris, long head;
    • biceps femoris, short head (commonperoneal part of sciatic nerve)*;
    • adductor magnus (tibial part of sciatic and obturator nerve)*
  4. Muscles of the Lateral Compartment Gluteus maximus (inferior gluteal nerve)
    • Gluteus medius (superior gluteal nerve)
    • Gluteus minimus (superior gluteal nerve)
    • Tensor fasciae latae (superior gluteal nerve)
    • Piriformis (nerve to piriformis)
    • Obturator internus (nerve to obturator internus)
    • Superior gemellus (nerve to obturator internus)
    • Inferior gemellus (nerve to quadratus femoris)
    • Quadratus femoris (nerve to quadratus femoris)
  5. Muscles of the Anterior Compartment: Deep Peroneal Nerve
    • Tibialis anterior,
    • extensor digitorum longus,
    • extensor hallucis longus,
    • peroneus tertius
  6. Muscles of the Lateral Compartment: Superficial Peroneal
    • NervePeroneus longus
    • peroneus brevis
  7. Muscles of the Posterior Compartment: Tibial Nerve
    • Superficial layer—gastrocnemius,
    • soleus,
    • plantarisDeep layer—popliteus,
    • tibialis posterior,
    • flexor digitorum longus,
    • flexor hallucis longus

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Muscle Innervation of the Lower Limb
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muscle innervation

muscle innervation of the lower limb
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