RE Topic 2: Worship

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  1. Describe Buddhist worship at home.
    Meditation, home shrines, mantras, incense, candles and images of the Buddha.
  2. Describe Buddhist worship in a temple.
    Worshippers offer fruit, incense and flowers. They may remove their shoes and bow to the rupa. They may pray, meditate or repeat mantras. Monks can be called upon for advice. Mostly individual.
  3. What is Merit-making?
    A Buddhist form of worship where good acts are performed to build up good karma.
  4. What are the different types of meditation?
    • Samatha meditation stills the mind.
    • Vipassanna meditation tries to gain an insight into the Dharma.
    • Metta meditation focuses on wishing goodwill and love to others.
  5. What are Buddhist aids to worship?
    • Mala - Prayer beads
    • Rupa - Buddha statue
    • Mantras - Repeated prayers or phrases
    • Mandalas - Sand patterns
  6. What is the Sangha and what do they do?
    The community of monks and nuns.

    They meditate, worship, teach, perform rituals, collect alms and help with festivities and rites of passage.
  7. How do Christians worship?
    By going to church, doing good deeds, praying individually and studying the bible.
  8. What is liturgical worship?
    It is formal and follows a set pattern.

    Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican services are liturgical. They are led by a priest and have set prayers, readings and a sermon.
  9. What is non-liturgical worship?
    It doesn't follow a set pattern.

    For example, in Quaker worship, people sit in silence and speak rarely.
  10. What is Holy Communion / Mass?
    The sharing of bread and wine to remember the Last Supper and Jesus' sacrifice.

    For Anglicans, it represents the blood and body of Jesus.
  11. What are the different kinds of Christian prayer?
    Praise, thanks, confession and asking for help.
  12. Why do Christians pray?
    Tradition, it brings communities together and because it leads to a better understanding of their faith.
  13. Why is Sunday the main day of worship for Christians?
    Because Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday and because it remembers the day of rest after creation.
  14. What are Christian aids to worship?
    • Cross / Crucifix
    • Rosary beads
    • Candles
    • Statues of Mary (Catholic)
    • Icons (Orthodox)
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