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  1. Bridges operate at the Physical layer. T/F?
  2. UNIX is an open source operating system. T/F?
    False. UNIX is not an open source operating system. Linux is an open source operating system that has similaritits with UNIX's look and feel.
  3. Which of the following devices is required to complete a VLAN setup successfully?
    Router. After VLAN segmentation has been done, to enable communication between the two divisions you require a router.
  4. Which networking topology is the easisest to reconfigure?
    Star. A star topology requires virtually no reconfiguration.
  5. Which of the following are services of a proxy server?
    A. Cached email
    B. Cached client files
    C. Cached web pages
    D. Cached DNS information
    A, B, C. A proxy server can cache email, client files or web pages. Caching DNS information is the function of a DNS server itself.
  6. Routing Information Protocol (RIP) by default has ___ number of hops.
    15. RIP is by default configured for a maximum of 15 hops, and the 16th hop will be considered as infinity.
  7. PPTP is a protocol that is ideally meant for ____.
    VPNs. PPTP is a tunneling protocol that helps with the security and encapsulation required by VPNs.
  8. Which IEEE standard describes the specifications for a ring topology?
    802.5 - the standard for token ring networks.
  9. Which of the following can be used to check for the transmission and reception ports on a NIC?
    Hardware Loopback. A hardware loopback checks outgoing signals of a device.
  10. Which of the following allows fault tolerance for user authentication in a Win2000 Network?
    Multi Master Replication - the ADS allows for multi-master replication across locations, to ensure there is atleast one server on the network that contains user information for the user waiting to be authenticated.
  11. TheADS employs the flat domain structure. T/F?
    False. The flat domain structure is employed by the NTDS. The ADS employs the heirarchical domain structure.
  12. Kereberos is ideally meant for ______.
    Authenticating LAN users. Kereberos is a security type used to authenticate LAN users. For securing the WAN useres' authentication you would require IPSec.
  13. Provide the broadcast address for the following IP address: with subnet mask:
    • 256-248 = 8. All subnet Ids will be multiples of 8. Hence here the subnet Id is 128. Therefore broadcast adress for subnet Id 120 is 127. Therefore is the broadcast address here.
  14. Which of the following is used to map Network-layer protocol addresses to DLCIs?
    Inverse ARP. Frame rellay uses inverse arp to map network layer protocol addresses to their respective DLCI.
  15. Which of the following protocols is supported by Win2000Server for the purpose of dial-up?
    PPP, SLIP. Windows 2000 Servers supports PPP and SLIP. SLIP can only be used for outgoing traffic.
  16. Explain netstat -a.
    This command shows the state of all sockets. The -a option tessl netstat to show you the status of all open socked on a machine.
  17. A Windows client in your Netware network had a faulty NIC which got replaced. The workstation no longer connects to the network, even though the configuration of the NIC is completed successfully. What could the problem be?
    Frame tpe of the NIC is misconfigured. For a client to communicate with the Netware server, the fram type on both of them should be the same.
  18. IPX routing is enabled by default in all Cisco routers. T/F?
    False. IP routing is enabled by default in the Cisco IOS. IPX routing will have to be enabled using specific commands.
  19. Into which of the following does the ADS store its information?
    A. AD Database
    B. AD Log Files
    C. Shared System Volume
    A, B, C. The database is the actual directory, log files will store changes to the database that can be used for rollback situations as well, system volume will contain policies that are applied on the objects.
  20. What is the correct connection for cascading MAUs?
    Connect the ring in port to the ring out port on each MAU. The ring in port of one MAU should be connected to the ring out port of the other MAU.
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