AGed Care - Nursing Homes

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  1. Explain the fees that a Nursing home can charge
    • Basic Daily Care Fee
    • INcome tested Fee
    • Either accomidation charge or

    Accomidation bond (if has an extra service facility)

    Note - if the home is an extra service facillity then an extra service charge may also be payable.
  2. Are the basic daily fee and the income tested fee calculated in the same way for hostels (low care) and nursing homes (high care).
  3. Can a nursing home with an extra service facility request an accomodation bond and and accomodation charge
    No - it can only charge one, not both.
  4. If an accomidation charge is set and the residents assets change does can the charge change?
  5. Accomodation charge - when the member is part of a couple how do they assess assets
    Half of the combined assets are used.
  6. What are the three types of residents for calculating the accomodation charge. How is the charge worked out for each?
    Fully supported residents - nil

    partially supported residents - calculation

    Non- supported residents - 32.38
  7. Fully supported residents are those who:
    Assets for aged care purposes are less than $40,500
  8. Partially supported residents are those who:
    assets for aged care puposes are more than $40,500 and less than $107,850.40
  9. The calculation for partially supported residents is
    (Assets for aged care purposes - $40,500)/2080
  10. Non supported residents are those whos
    Assets exceed $107,850.40
  11. Gavin is a single pensioner with assets for aged care of $50,000, - his daily rate of accomodation charge is
    ($50,000 - $40,500) / 2080 = $4.56
  12. Molly is a couple pensioner with combined assets of $120,000 - what is her daily rate accomodation charge?
    ($60,000 - 40,500) x 2080 = $9.37
  13. When the residents assets are lower than $40,500 and an accomodation charge is not payable what may be given to the nursing home
    An accomidation suppliment from the government.
  14. What are the four reasons that an accomodation charge will not be payable:
    - Less than $40,500 in assets

    -extra service facility and they pay a bond instead

    - In respite care

    - Residing in a nursin home in 1997 - even if they have moved to another facility.
  15. What generally happens when a resident moves from an hostel to a nursing home:
    The bond is refunded and an accomodation charge is calculated.
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