regulate blood Invigorate blood circulation

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  1. treat blood stasis:
    • mild forms of stagnation: blood flows slowly, without medical intervention, may lead to stasis
    • severe forms of stagnation: complications due to phlegm, heat or cold with congealment, solid masses and stasis of blood circulation.
    • • heat: consumes fluids, leads to congealment of fluids, slowing down of blood flow
    • • cold: congeals blood, leads to a slowing down of blood flow
    • • qi stagnation: emotional stagnation; for example: due to increased stress, anxiety, depression, may lead to blood stagnation
    • • trauma, injuries, fractures: wind, dampness, cold lead to obstruction of the channels (bi syndrome) and to blood stagnation
    • • accumulation of fluids, phlegm, food, parasites lead to blood stasis
    • • qi and blood deficiency: lack of movement, decreased blood circulation.
  2. Taste and Temperature
    • • Pungent, aromatic, slightly warm: pungent taste moves, the aromatic taste transforms phlegm and penetrates to deeper layers; the warm temperature accentuates the action of
    • the aromatic properties.
    • • Pungent, bitter and slightly cold: pungent taste moves blood, bitter and cool clears fire, protecting blood from damage due to heat or fire.
    • • Pungent, bitter and salty: pungent taste disperses, bitter and salty softens, breaks up and disperses blood accumulation, hard, tumorous accumulation
  3. Chuan Xiong Chuanxiong rhizome
    lovage root, 20min
    Warm Pungent Ascending
    LR GB PC SOA: ch. Head SH: eyes
    • moves blood
    • moves & regulates qi
    • dispels wind
    • relieves pain
    • drains damp wind / wind heat (HA)
    • C: fire HA with yin xu, Severe retained lochia, HA due to
    • LR yang rising, Qi xu, Heavy bleed
    • P: forbidden
  4. Yan Hu Suo Corydalidis rhizome
    Warm Pungent Bitter Superficial
    LR SP ST LU SOA: LJ, Ch.
    • moves blood
    • moves & regulates qi
    • relieves pain
    • breaks up blood stasis
    • C: absence of X’s signs
    • P: forbidden
  5. Yu Jin Curcumae radix
    turmeric tuber
    Cold Pungent Bitter Aromatic Deep
    HT LU LR SOA:Deep interior, Ch. L&MJ
    • moves blood
    • moves & regulates qi
    • breaks up blood stasis
    • cools heat & blood
    • drains damp heat
    • C: lack of qi bld stag, Yin xu due to bld loss
    • P: forbidden
  6. Dan Shen Salviae miltrorrhizae radix
    Salvia root
    Cold Bitter Sinking
    HT PC LR SOA: deep, interior, LJ
    • moves blood
    • breaks up bld stasis
    • cools heat
    • calms & anchors shen
    • relieves pain
    • C: absence of bld stasis
    • P: forbidden
  7. Yi Mu Cao Leanuri herba
    Chinese mother wort
    Cold Pungent Bitter Sinking
    • moves blood
    • regulates blood
    • cools bld
    • breaks up stasis
    • promotes urination
    • drains damp heat
    • C: blood or yin Xu
    • P: forbidden
  8. Niu Xi Achyranthis bidentatae radix
    Neutral Bitter Sour Sinking
    • moves blood
    • breaks up bld stasis
    • strengthens bones and sinews
    • cools fire & heat
    • tonifies & supports yin
    • descends yang
    • C: diarrhoea due to sp xu, Qi xu, Bleeding following delivery
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regulate blood Invigorate blood circulation
symptoms: localized, stabbing pain, deep seated and colicky, worsening at night, in severe cases, accumulation, tissue hardening, tumours.
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