Chinese Menu

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  1. Chicken
  2. Pork
  3. Shrimp
  4. Beef
  5. Vegetable
  6. House Special
  7. Wonton Soup
  8. Egg Drop Soup
  9. Chicken Rice or Noodle Soup
    CH Rice or Noodle
  10. Hot and Sout Soup
    Hot Soup
  11. Vegetable Soup
    Veg Soup
  12. Shrimp and Vegetable Soup
    SH Veg
  13. Chicken Corn Soup
    CH Corn
  14. Egg roll
  15. Vegetable Egg Roll
    Veg roll
  16. Shanghai Spring Roll
    Shanghai Spring
  17. Chinese Dumplings with meat (fried or steamed)
    dumplings (fried or steamed)
  18. Vegetable Dumplings (fried or steamed)
    Veg (fried or steamed)
  19. BBQ spare ribs
  20. Boneless spare ribs
    boneless ribs
  21. rib tips with hong kong sauce
    rib tips
  22. Beef teriyaki on sticks
    BF ST
  23. Chinese Teriyaki on Sticks
    CH ST
  24. Fantail Shrimp
    Fantail Sh
  25. French Fries
  26. Vegetable fried rice
    veg F/R
  27. roast pork fried rice
    PK FR
  28. Chicken fried rice
    CH f/r
  29. Beef fried rice
    BF f/r
  30. young-chou fried rice
    young chou f/r
  31. lobster fried rice
    lobster f/r
  32. ham fried rice
    ham f/r
  33. family roast pork fried rice
    family f/r
  34. lo mein (diff types, ch, sh)
  35. Egg Foo Young (diff types)
  36. Chow mein or chop suey (diff types)
    chow mein or chop suey
  37. Chow Fun or Mei fun
    chow fun or mei fun
  38. Sweet and sour shrimp
    SS SH
  39. Shrimp with cashew nuts
    sh cashew
  40. Kung pao shrimp
    kung pao sh
  41. shrimp in hot sauce
    sh in hot
  42. shrimp hunan style
    sh hunan
  43. shrimp in garlic sauce
    sh in garlic
  44. shrimp with broccoli
    sh broccoli
  45. shrimp with mixed vegetables
    sh with veg
  46. shrimp in lobster sauce
    sh in lobster
  47. shrimp with snow peas
    sh snow peas
  48. shrimp with black bean sauce
    sh black bean
  49. beef with broccoli
    bf bro
  50. pepper steak with onion
    PP st
  51. beef szechuan style
    bf szec
  52. beef in garlic sauce
    bf garlic
  53. beef hunan style
    bf hunan
  54. beef with chinese vegetable
    bf veg
  55. kung pao beef
    kung pao bf
  56. beef with oyster sauce
    bf oyster
  57. beef with mushroom
    bf mushroom
  58. sa cha beef
    sa cha bf
  59. beef with snow peas
    bf snow peas
  60. beef with string beans
    bf string bean
  61. mongolian beef
    mongolian bf
  62. shredded beef with peking sauce
    shredded bf
  63. sesame beef
    sesame bf
  64. sweet and sour pork
    SS pk
  65. twice cooked pork
    twice cooked pk
  66. pork with garlic sauce
    pk garlic
  67. hunan pork
    hunan pk
  68. pork with mixed vegetables
    pk mixed veg
  69. roast pork with chinese vegetables
    pk veg
  70. pork with broccoli
    pk bro
  71. moo shu pork
    moo shu pk
  72. shredded pork, peking style
    shredded pk
  73. sweet and sour chicken
    SS ch
  74. chicken with broccoli
    ch bro
  75. moo goo gai pan
  76. chicken with cashew nuts
    ch cashew
  77. kung pao chicken
    kung pao ch
  78. hunan chicken
    hunan ch
  79. chicken in garlic sauce
    ch garlic
  80. sa cha chicken
    sa cha ch
  81. chicken in black bean sauce
    ch black bean
  82. almond chicken
    almond ch
  83. chicken with bean sprouts
    ch bean sprouts
  84. curry chicken
    curry ch
  85. chicken with szechuan style
    ch szec
  86. chicken with mix veggies
    ch mixed veg
  87. moo shu chicken
    moo shu ch
  88. boneless chicken with mixed vegetables
    boneless ch mixed veg
  89. mongolian chicken
    mongolian ch
  90. lemon chicken
    lemon ch
  91. general tso's chicken
    general tso's ch
  92. orange flavor chicken
    orange ch
  93. sesame chicken
    sesame ch
  94. bourbon chicken
    bourbon ch
  95. pineapple chicken
    pineapple ch
  96. sauteed broccoli
  97. mixed garden vegetables
    mixed garden
  98. broccoli in garlic sauce
    broc garlic
  99. eggplant in garlic sauce
  100. bean curd szechuan style
    bean szec?
  101. bean curd family style
    bean curd
  102. sauteed string bean and broccoli in garlic sauce
    string bean
  103. moo shu vegetable
    moo shu veg
  104. Special Combo Plate: Chicken chow mein
    # ch chow mein
  105. Special Combo Plate: shrimp chow mein
    # sh chow mein
  106. Special Combo Plate: roast pork egg foo young
    # pk EFY
  107. Special Combo Plate: chicken with broccoli
    # ch broc
  108. Special Combo Plate: pork with broccoli
    # pk broc
  109. Special Combo Plate: pork lo mein
    #pk l/m
  110. Special Combo Plate: chicken lo mein
    #ch l/m
  111. Special Combo Plate: chicken with mixed veg
    # ch mixed veg
  112. Special Combo Plate: sweet and sout chicken or pork
    # SS ch/pk
  113. Special Combo Plate: moo goo gai pan
  114. Special Combo Plate: bbq spare ribs
  115. Special Combo Plate: chicken with garlic sauce
    # ch garlic
  116. Special Combo Plate: hunan chicken
    #hunan ch
  117. Special Combo Plate: beef with broccoli
    #bf broc
  118. Special Combo Plate: pepper steak
    #PP ST
  119. Special Combo Plate: shrimp with lobster sauce
    #sh lobster
  120. Special Combo Plate: shrimp with broccoli
    #sh broc
  121. Special Combo Plate: shrimp with garlic sauce
    # sh garlic
  122. Special Combo Plate: general tso's chicken
    #general tsos ch
  123. Special Combo Plate: Sesame chicken
    #sesame ch
  124. triple vegetable
    triple veg
  125. honey chicken
    honey ch
  126. double happy
    double happy
  127. i don't know
    i don't know
  128. new york steak
    new york steak
  129. orange beef
    orange bf
  130. hunan triple delight
    hunan triple
  131. beef with scallop
    bf scallop
  132. crispy beef
    crispy bf
  133. four seasons
    four seasons
  134. golden crispy shrimp
    crispy sh
  135. prawns and scallops combo
    prawns and scallops
  136. happy family
    happy family
  137. triple general tsos style
    triple general
  138. seafood combination
    seafood combo
  139. seafood pan fried noodles
    seafood pan fried n
  140. steamed mixed vegetables
    steamed veg
  141. steamed pork with mixed veg
    steamed pk
  142. steamed chicken with mixed veg
    steamed ch veg
  143. steamed ch with broccoil
    steamed ch broc
  144. steamed chicken with snow peas
    steamed ch snowpeas
  145. steamed beef with mixed veg
    steamed bf veg
  146. steamed shrimp with mixed veg
    steamed sh veg
  147. Lunch Orders
    L A or L B ________ (ss pk, veg, etc)
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