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  1. tranversus abdominis
    origin. thoraculombar fascia, inguinal ligament, costal cartilage of inferior six ribs, illiac crest

    insertion.linea alba, pubic crest

    action.increases intra-abdominal pressure during forced expiration
  2. mentalis
    origin. anterior surface of mandible

    insertion. skin of lower lip

    action. protrudes lower lip
  3. rectus abdominis
    origin. pubic crest, pubic syphisis

    insertion. costal cartilages of ribs 5-7, xiphoid process

    action. flexion of vertebral column
  4. splenius
    origin. spinous processes of inferior cervical and superior thoracic vertebrae

    insertion. mastoid process, occipital bone and transverse processes of superior cervical vertebrae

    action. laterally flexes
  5. orbicularis oculis
    origin. medial aspect of bony orbit

    insertion. skin around eyelids

    action. closes eyelids
  6. levator labii superioris
    origin. inferior aspect of bony orbit

    insertion. blends with the fibers of orbicularis oris

    action. elevates upper lip
  7. zygomaticus major
    origin. zygomatic bone

    insertion. angle of mouth

    action. raises lateral corner of mouth for smiling
  8. depressor labii inferioris
    origin. anterolateral surface of mandible

    insertion. skin of lower lip

    action. depresses lower lip
  9. external intercostals
    origin. inferior border of superior rib

    insertion. superior border of inferior rib

    action elevates the ribs during normal inspiration
  10. levator scapulae
    origin. transverse processes of superior four cervical vertebrae

    insertion. medial border of scapula near superior angle

    action. elevates scapula
  11. internal oblique
    origin. thoracolumbar fascia, inguinal ligament, iliac crest

    insertion. linea alba, pubic crest, inferior three or four ribs

    action. rotation and lateral flexion of trunk
  12. thyrohyoid
    origin. thyroid cartilage of larynx

    insertion. hyoid bone

    action. depresses hyoid bone
  13. external oblique
    origin. external surfaces of inferior eight ribs

    insertion. linea alba, pubic crest, pubic tubercle, iliac crest

    action. rotation and lateral flexion of trunk
  14. sternohyoid
    origin. manubrium

    insertion. hyoid bone

    action. depresses larynx and hyoid bone during swallowing
  15. temporalis
    origin. temporal lobe

    insertion. coronoid process of mandible

    action. elevates mandible to close jaw
  16. zygomaticus minor
    origin. zygomatic bone

    insertion. upper lip

    action. raises upper lip
  17. internal intercostals
    origin. superior border of inferior ribs

    insertion. inferior border of superior ribs

    action. depresses ribs during forced expiration
  18. buccinator
    origin. maxillary bone, mandible

    insertion. blend with the fibers of the orbiculris oris

    action. compresses cheek while whistling or blowing
  19. hypoglossus
    origin. hyoid bone

    insertion. tongue

    action. depresses tongue
  20. nasalis
    origin. maxillary bone

    insertion. bridge of nose

    action. compresses nostrils
  21. masseter
    origin. zygomatic arch

    insertion. lateral suraface of mandibular ramus

    action. elevates mandible to close jaw
  22. scalenes
    origin. transverse processes of cervical vertebrae

    insertion. first and second ribs

    action. leteral flexion of neck

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