Chem Powerpoint Q's

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  1. not an indication of a chemical reaction
    change in total mass
  2. a solid produced in a reaction that separates from a solution
  3. in an equation, hydrogen gas would be represented by
  4. to balance an equation it may be necessary to
    adjust coefficients
  5. in what type of rxn, do 2+ substances combine to form a new compound
  6. AX--> A + X
  7. binary compound decomposes
    2 elements produced
  8. sequence of steps in a rxn
    reaction mechanism
  9. to be effective, a collision requires
    • sufficient energy
    • a favorable orientation
  10. units of molar mass
  11. reactant controls the amount of product formed
    limiting reactant
  12. ratio of actual to theoretical yield x 100
    % yield
  13. max amount of product obtained in a rxn
    theoretical yield
  14. force held constant as SA decreases
    pressure increases
  15. std temp
    0° C
  16. the temperature of a fixed quantity & volume of gas changes
    pressure must also change
  17. principle: under similar pressures/temps = volumes of gases contain the same # of molecules
  18. molarity, molality & mols of solute per liter of solution ALL
    express concentration
  19. ionizes almost completely in a solution to produce H30+ ions
    strong acid
  20. Bronsted Lowry Acid
    proton donor
  21. amphoteric substance reacts
    acid or base
  22. energy required to raise the temp of 1g of water by 1° C or 1K
    specific heat
  23. units to measure specific heat:
    • all: J/g° C
    • J/g K
    • cal/g ° C
  24. exothermic rxn
    H is always negative
  25. majority of spontaneous rxns in nature
  26. a reaction in which products can react to reform reactants
  27. at equilibrium, both forward & reverse..
  28. Delta H =
    products minus reactants
  29. endothermic rxn, E at beg. of rxn is_____
    less than the total E at the end of the rxn
  30. colligative property depends on
    concentration of solute particles
  31. why are fp & bp depressions colligative property
    directly proportional
  32. acids react
    with bases to produce salt & water
  33. traditional definition of acids is based on the observation of
  34. a lewis acid
    electron pair acceptor
  35. energy required to form activated complex
    activation energy
  36. determining efficiency of a reaction
    % yield
  37. constant combardment of gas against a container
  38. temperature of gas decreases, pressure stays the same
    V decreases
  39. sum of partial pressures = total pressure
  40. std. molar volume of a gas dependent on size
  41. std pressure in a column of Hg is
    760 mm
  42. Tyndall effect differentiates between
    solutions & colloids
  43. patricles that don't settle out
  44. ex of diffusion
    the aroma of a skunk
  45. stirring increases the rate of dissolution b/c:
    it brings fresh solvent into contact with the solute
  46. rate of dissolution & rate of crystallization are:
    equal at equilibrium
  47. How many moles of ions are produced by the dissociation of CAF2
    3 mols
  48. energy transferred b/w samples of matter b/c of different temps
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