Ch.1 Vocab Psych

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  1. Psychology
    The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
  2. Behavior
    Everyhing that we do that can be directly observed
  3. Mental Processes
    The thoughts, feelings, and motives that each of us experiences privately but that cannot be observed directly
  4. Structuralism
    Focused on the basic elements (structures) of the human mind
  5. Functionalism
    Emphasized the interaction between the mind and the outside environment.
  6. Behavioral Approach
    Emphasizes the scientific study of behavior and asserts that behavior is shaped by the environment.
  7. Psychodynamic Approach
    Emphasizes the unconscious aspects of the mind, conflicts between biological instincts & society's demands, and early family experiences.
  8. Cognitive Approach
    • Focuses on the mental processes involved in knowing:
    • - how we direct our attention
    • -perceive
    • -remember
    • -think
    • -solve problems
  9. Critical Thinking
    The process of thinking reflectively & productively , as well as evaluating evidence
  10. Population
    The entire group that the investigator wants to learn about
  11. Sample
    The subset of the population that the investigator has chosen for study
  12. Naturalistic Observation
    Observations of behavior in real-world settings with no effort made to manipulate or control the situation
  13. Case Study
    An in-depth look at a single individual
  14. Correlational Research
    Research with the goal of describing the strength of the relationship between two or more events or characteristics
  15. Dependent Variable
    The factor that can change in an experiment in response to changes in the independent variable
  16. Experiment
    A carefully regulated procedure in which one or more factors believed to influence the behavior being studied are manipulated and all the other factors are held constant
  17. Hypothesis
    A prediction for an experiment that is often arrived at logically from a theory
  18. Independent Variable
    The manipulated, influential, experimental factor in an experiment
  19. Mean
    The average of a set of data, achieved by adding all the scores and then dividing by the number of scores.
  20. Median
    The middle of a set of data , acheived by placing the numbers in order from lowest to highest and then finding the one exactly in the middle
  21. Mode
    The score that occurs the most often
  22. Operational Definition
    A circumstance or behavior defined in such a way that it can be objectively observed and measured
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