Art Exam 2 Part B

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    • Peter Paul Rubens, Raising of the Cross,
    • (Flemish Baroque, 17th century)

    influenced by michalengelo and caravaggio/ souths vibrant colors and the norths detail
    • Anthony Van Dyck, Charles I at the Hunt
    • (Flemish Baroque,
    • 17th century)
    • . Rembrandt van Rijn, Militia Company of
    • Capt. Frans Banning Cocq (The Night Watch),

    (Dutch Baroque, 17th century)
  1. Jan Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance, c. (Dutch Baroque, 17th century)

    genre paintings-everyday paintings that focus on domestic scenes

    ususally light on the left and subjects are women
  2. Georges de La Tour, Mary Magdalen with the
    Smoking Flame, c (French Baroque, 17th century)
    • Palace of Versailles: \. Architects: Louis Le Vau and Jules
    • Hardouin-Mansart.

    Gardens: André Le Nôtre. (French Baroque, 17th century)
    • Germain Boffrand,
    • Salon de la Princesse, Hôtel de Soubise, Paris, c. (Rococo, 1700-1775)
  3. Rococo
    • Sometimes called the style of Louis XV
    • (1715-1774)

    • -Commissioned by the aristocracy and upper middle class, often for their
    • elegant townhomes (“hôtels”).

    -Identified with Rubenistes (color) not Poussinistes (classical line and


    -Art known for:

    • -pastel
    • colors

    • -delicate
    • curving forms (“rocaille”)such as S-shapes, C-shapes

    • -graceful
    • figures in leisure settings

    • -amorous
    • and sensual themes

    • -light-hearted
    • mood
    • Jean-Antoine Watteau, Pilgrimage
    • to Cythera, (Rococo,
    • 1700-1775)

    Fete Galante-party of elegance/ upper class in a leisure setting
    • . Jean-Honoré
    • Fragonard, The Swing, (Rococo, 1700-1775)
    • Joshua Reynolds, Lady
    • Sarah Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces, (18th c. English
    • art)

    grand manner portraiture-full length/size portrait
    • William Hogarth, Marriage
    • a la mode (scene 1), (18th c.
    • English art)
    • Elisabeth
    • Vigée-Lebrun, Marie Antoinette and Her Children,. (Rococo, 1700-1775)
    • . Jacques-Louis David,
    • Oath of Horatii, . (Neoclassicism, Late 18th c. to early 19th c.)
  4. Neoclassicism
    • Late 18th century to early 19th century
    • (1765-1815)

    • -Renewed interest in Classical ideas and
    • ideals

    • *reaction
    • against decadence of Rococo

    • *Johann
    • Winckelmann, History
    • of Ancient Art

    • *Discovery
    • of Herculaneum and Pompeii in 1738 and 1748

    -Reflected honor, order, stability

    • -Promoted reason and intellect over
    • emotion

    • -Often contained moralizing messages or
    • propaganda

    • -Artistic style associated with the
    • French Revolution

    • -Used by Napoleon to associate himself
    • with Roman Emperors

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