Glencoe Ch. 12

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  1. The main load bearing member of a wing is (are) the
  2. If there are no leveling points on an aircraft, leveling may be established by placing a level on
    the longitudinal and lateral braces
  3. The angle of incidence may be measured by
    using a straightedge and a bubble protractor
  4. To rig the center section of a biplane the sequence is to check
    symmetry, stagger, and incidence
  5. If an aircraft with fixed tabs flies right-wing heavy, the
    tab of the left wing should be bent down
  6. An aircraft should be rigged to fly hands off at
    cruise speed
  7. If the angle of incidence of one wing of a plane is altered, the aircraft will tend to
  8. The stabilizer may be checked for alignment by measuring from the
    front spar to the rear spar
  9. If the rudder pedals are set in an even position, the rudder is rigged
    to the neutral position
  10. Washin and washout are accomplishe by changing the
    angle of incidence
  11. the difference between a movable trim tab and a fixed balance tab is
    a balance tab is attached rigid to any control surface and the trim tab is hinged at the trailing edge of any control surface
  12. Control cable tension is checked by
    using a tensiometer
  13. Medium-frequency helicopter vibration is caused by
    tail rotor rotation
  14. In flying a helicopter, horizontal flight and airspeed are controlled
    by cyclic pitch and throttle
  15. The purpose of a flap is to
    change the camber of the wing
  16. Slats on the leading edge of a wing
    decrease the stall speed
  17. A bellcrank is designed to
    permit a change in the direction of a force
  18. Fairleads must
    may not deflect a cable more than 3O
  19. All control surface travels must conform to
    the aircraft's Type certificate Data Sheet
  20. When pins are properly located in their alignment hole, the control surfaces are typically rigged to
    their neutral position
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