Deciduous id. 3

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    Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet'

    Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle

    Zone 4

    Viney shrub, twining vine, if pruned turns shrubby, flower color is a scarlet orange trumpet blossom, bloom summer-fall, leaves opposite and fuzed before it separates for a lily pad look. Grows 10-12' long as a vine, and as a shrub it grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Lonicera tatarica

    Tatarian Honeysuckle

    Zone 3

    blooms in the spring in pink, white, or red small flowers, shrub, a lot of flowers, always has 2 fruit and 2 leaves coming out of an area, fruit turns redish orange and glassy, fruit is there from summer-fall, used for screening, has stripey bark. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
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    Betula jacquemontii

    Himalayan Birch

    Zone 5

    White bark and lenticles- the whitest of the whites (celestial white), orange new growth on bark. Likes cool moist conditions. Grows 30-40' tall and 20-30' wide.
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    Betula nigra

    River Birch

    Zone 4

    Black spots of bark, usually dark brown- cream colored bark that is super peely, likes cool moist conditions. Grows 40-70' tall and 40-60' wide.
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    Betula papyrifera

    Paper birch

    Zone 2

    bark peels in big long pieces, lenticles are short black dots, brownish, larger leaves, bigger catkin. Grows 50-70' high and 30-40' wide.
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    Betula pendula

    Weeping Birch

    Zone 2

    Long lenticles, peely bark, zebra stripey bark, Soft arching down branches, double serration. Grows 40-50' tall and 20-35' wide.
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    Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica'

    Cutleaf Weeping Birch

    Zone 2

    Golden yellow, leaf lobed and serrated, brances come straight down like long hair :-), specimin for habit. Grows 40-50' high and 20-30' wide.
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    Betula pendula 'Youngii'

    Youngs Weeping Birch

    Zone 3

    Weeping, true strong weeping habit, twisty bark. Grows 10-20' high and wide.
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    Betula populifolia 'Whitespire'

    Whitespire Birch (Gray Birch)

    Zone 3

    Bark is a dirty white color, like a little dryer and hotter conditions, tends to have bug problems in warmer areas, multi-trunks for a wild look, long pt. of top of tip of leaf, little leaves. Grows 20' high and 30' wide.
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    Populus deltoides

    Eastern Cottonwood

    Zone 3

    Large deltoidy leaf, large quick growing tree= fast shade tree. Sticky new growth catkins- super messy, produces cotton, good windbreaks, better for parks and larger areas. Grows 75-100' tall and 50-70' wide.
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    Populus nigra 'Afghanica'

    Theves Poplar

    Zone 3

    Fast growing, columnar habit, windscreens, drops lots of branches, lives only 50-100 yrs. large deltoidy leaf, newer version of lombardy poplar and is more disease tolerant and less brittle.
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    Populus tremula 'Erecta'

    Swedish Aspen

    Zone 3

    Columnar, formal framing, leaf like quaking aspen, always narrow, green bark. Grows 20-30' tall and 5-7' wide.
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    Populus tremuloides

    Quaking Aspen

    Zone 2

    Trembling leaf, flat petiole, golden fall color, fast growing, white powder, running tree system, smooth leaf. Grows 20-30' tall and 15-20' wide.
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    Ginkgo biloba


    zone 4

    Leaf-only one like it, dinosaur leaf, bright yellow fall color, fan shaped leaf, female fruit is nasty olive shaped dog feces smelling fruit, get the male tree or a sterlile version of the female, fruit edible as well as the leaves, leaves grow out of spurs. Grows 50-80' tall and 30-40' wide.
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    Lonicera japonica 'Halliana'

    Halls Honeysuckle

    Zone 5

    Twining vine, known for blossoms- white fades to yellow, edible variety, opposite leaves blooms summer-fall, known for smell and honey. Best for fragrance. Grows 20-30' long.
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    Laburnum x watereri 'Vossi'

    Goldenchain tree

    Zone 5

    Blossom grows down in chains, raceme inflorescence (pinnate blossom), pea blossom, blooms in spring, small tree, specimin for habit, palmate 3 leaflet leaf, small peapods, a lot of green- green stems and twigs. Grows 12-15' tall and 10-12' wide.
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    Betula occidentalis

    Water birch

    Zone 3

    Found in the west, reddish coppery shiny bark, whitish lenticles, doesn't have strong deltoid shaped leaf, more roundish and small leaf, multi-trunked, grows along water areas, naturalistic, specimin for the bark. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Populus angustifolia

    Narrowleaf Cottonwood

    Zone 3

    Bark greenish- greenish white when young, gets ridgey when matures, commonly multi-trunked, produces cotton, Grows 40-60' high and 20-30' wide.
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