Asymmetric Flight

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  1. Define Assymetric Flight
    The condition applying to multiengine aircraft following the loss of power from an engine mounted either side of the centre line
  2. What are the two yaw moments
    • Weathercock Yaw Moment
    • Thrust Yawing Moment
  3. What factors effect the size of the yawing moments
    • Engine thrust
    • Moment arm
    • Aircraft directional stability
    • Rate of thrust decay
    • Drag of failed prop
    • Assymetric blade effect (Downgoing blade and RAF)
  4. What factors effect the size of the rolling moment?
    • Magnitude if yawing moment
    • Torque of the live engine (engine torque acts opposite to engine rotation)
    • Loss of slipstream¬†
  5. What are the two practicle methods of achieving constant heading assymetric flight
    • All rudder - used in high speed flight
    • Rudder and bank - used in takeoff
  6. What are cockpit indications of all rudder method
    • Wings level
    • Ball in centre
    • Cocked off
  7. What are cockpit indications of Rudder and bank method
    • 5 deg AOB
    • Ball displaced toward live engine
    • Tracking straight ahead (no drift)
  8. What is the critical engine
    • The one that if fails results in higher assymetric moment from the live engine
    • Critical engine is the failed one
    • Live engine has a higher assymetric moment due to down going blade effect (Phenomenon present when ever there is any aircraft angle of attack as down going blade will have higher AOA to the RAF)
  9. What is Vmca
    • Minimum control speed - air
    • The minimum IAS at which during takeoff, in the event of a sudden complete engine failure, it is possible to maintain directional control and steady flight using full rudder deflection and 5deg AOB
  10. What is Vmcg
    • Minimum control speed - ground
    • The minimum IAS under takeoff power at which directional control of the aircraft can be maintained using rudder alone following a failure of the critical engine during take off ground run
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