chapter 16

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  1. *evaluating- the nurse and pt together measures how well the pt has achieve the outcomes specified in the plan of care, the nurse identifies factors the ability to achieve expected outcomes and when necessary modify the plan of care
  2. purpose of evaluation
    continue, modify, or terminate the nsg care
  3. based on pts response
    • terminate the plan of care, when the expected outcome is achieved
    • modify the plan of care if there are difficulties achieving the outcomes
    • continue the plan of care if more time is needed to achieve the outcomes
  4. *when evaluation points to the need to modify nsg care, the nurse reviews the steps of nsg process
  5. Elements of evaluation
    • identify evaluative criteria and standards ( what u r looking for when you evaluate the pt outcome
    • collecting data to determine whether these criteria and standards are met
    • interpreting and summarizing findings
    • document your judgement
    • terminate, modify, or continue the care plan
  6. * evaluative criteria is developed during the planning stage of the nsg process
  7. criteria
    • measurable qualities, attibutes, or charcteristics that specify skills, knowledge or health states
    • acceptable level of performance by stating the expected behaviors of the nurse or the pt
  8. standards
    levels of performance accepted by the nursing staff or health team members
  9. *the nurse collects evaluative data to determine whether or not the pt has met the desired outcomes
  10. types of outcomes
    • cognitive
    • psychomotor
    • affective
    • physiologic
  11. cognitive outcomes
    • increase in pt knowledge
    • may be evaluated by asking pt to repeat info, apply the knowledge to everday situations
  12. psychomotor outcomes
    • describes the pt achievement of a skill
    • demonstate the new skill
  13. affective outcomes
    • changes in pt values and beliefs
    • observation of pt behavior and conversation
  14. physiologic outcomes
    • physical changes
    • to evaluate of achievement, the nurses uses physical assessments skills to collect revelant data and compare with these previous pt data
  15. *the nurse has 3 decision options for how outcomes have been met
    • met
    • partially met
    • not met
  16. quality assurance programs
    designed programs that promote excellence in nursing
  17. *evaluation may be ongoing
    • ongoing- on the spot change in an intervention
    • based on additional data collected
    • intermitted evaluations-performed at specific intervals and show the extent of the progress
    • terminal evaluations- pt achievement of the outcomes reviewed prior to discharge
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