Urinary part 2

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  1. What exams are done for URI?
    • 1. IVP/IVU
    • 2. Retreogade URugoram/Pyleogram
    • 3. Cystogram
    • 4. Voiding Cystourethrogram
  2. What is the general IVP proceudure?
    • 1. Scout KUB
    • 2. njection of ocntrast
    • 3. Scout nephrotomogram
    • 4. Nephrogram
    • 5. at 5 minute = KUB
    • 6. at 15 minute = another KUB
    • 7. at 20 minute = obliques
    • 8. Then PA
    • 9. Postvoid.
  3. IVP and IVUs are used for what?
    • For function of the kidneys. ( ITS FUNCTIONAL )
    • Visulaizes the collection portions of urinary system
  4. For a nephrogram or nephrotomogram, where is the CR?
    Mdway between xiphoid and illiac crest.
  5. Image Upload 1
    • A. Kidney
    • B. Renal Pelvis
    • C. Calyces
    • D. Proximal Ureter
    • E. Distal ureter
    • F. Bladder.
  6. What does scouts do?
    Checks to see if prep was done correctly.
  7. Why should you never use 70-75 kvp?
    Because you cant overburn the stones.
  8. Where is the CR for nephrogram?
    Midway between xphoid and crest.
  9. Describe the RPO? Whatis the obliquitiy? What is it done for?
    • 30 degrees obliquie RPO
    • You see the left kindey best, but the downside ureter is best.

    RPO is done for left kidney and view of right ureter
  10. What is LPO done for?
    View of right kidney and view of the left ureter
  11. What is the PA used for?
    Views filled distal ureters.
  12. For PA and AP what is the positioning?
    PA and AP are cetnered at lliac crest. ( USUAL KUB )
  13. For postvoid, where is the CR?
    SAME as the PA/AP and KUB

    CR at illiac crest.
  14. For a retrougade urography, where is the CR? What does it show best?
    • CR to illiac crest.
    • Shows upper poles of kidenys to bottom fo bladder.

  15. Whereis the CR for cystogram?
    AP: 2 inches above symphyiss pubis with 10-15 degrees caudad angle
  16. Whati s the kvp range for most of the procedures?
    70-75 KVP
  17. For an oblique cystogram, what is the obliquity needed? Where is the CR?
    45-60 degrees olbiquie CR 2 inches above pubic symphises and 2 inches medial from asis ( LPO and RPO )
  18. What is the CR for a LAteral cystorgam?
    2 inches suepror to and posterior to the symphis pubis
  19. What exam is this?
    Image Upload 2
  20. Image Upload 3|
    What exam is this?
    Retrograde pyelogram/urogram
  21. What is the CR for Voiding Cystogram? ( VCUG ) ? What position? FOR MALES.
    • 30 degrees RPO
    • CR to symphysis pubis
  22. What is the CR for Voiding Cystogram? ( VCUG ) ? What position? FOR FEMALES
    • AP position
    • Legs extended slightly to seperare legs
    • CR to symphysis pubis
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