Exam 1: Embryology of CNS

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  1. What happens to the neural plate (ectoderm) during the third week?
    at rostral end of embryo (in front of primitive pit) the neural plate appears at 21 days
  2. During the third week, what are the neural folds fromed from?
    lateral edges of neural plate
  3. During the third week, what is the neural tube formed from?
    closure of neural folds
  4. During the third week, what happens to the neuropores?
    they close on the 25th and 27th days
  5. What are neuropores?
    • openings on each side of the neural tube
    • the beginning of the CNS
  6. What happens at 5 weeks?
    primary brain vesicles
  7. What are the three primary brain vesicles?
    • 1. prosencephalon
    • 2. mesencephalon
    • 3. phombencephalon
  8. What is the prosencephalon also known as?
  9. What does the telencephalon from?
    cerebral hemispheres
  10. What are the divisions of the prosencephalon?
    • telencephalon
    • diencephalon
  11. What is the diencephalon?
    outgrowth of optic vesicles
  12. What is the mesencephalon also known as?
  13. What is the rhombencephalon also known as?
  14. What is the metencephalon?
    pons and cerebellum
  15. What is the myelencephalon?
    medulla oblongata
  16. When do flexures occur?
    at 28 days
  17. What are the 3 flexures?
    • 1. cephalic flexure
    • 2. cervical flexure
    • 3. pontine flexure
  18. Where is the cephalic flexure?
    located in midbrain region
  19. Where is the cervical flexure?
    at junction of hindbrain and spinal cord
  20. Where is the pontine flexure?
    at junction of metencephalon and myelencephalon
  21. What is the central canal?
    • lumen of spinal cord
    • continuous with brain vesicles
  22. Which brain vesicle contains the 4th ventricle?
  23. Which brain vesicle contains the 3rd ventricle?
  24. Where are the lateral ventricles found?
    cerebral hemispheres (telencephalon)
  25. What are the lateral ventricles filled with?
    cerebrospinal fluid
  26. What are the lateral ventricles contected to?
    the third ventricle
  27. What connects the lateral ventricle to the third ventricle?
    foramena of Monroe (interventricular foramena)
  28. What connects the 3rd and 4th ventricles?
    aqueduct of Sylvius (cerebral aqueduct)
  29. What is the pathway of CSF?
    L/R lateral and medial apetures (in wall of 4th ventricle) opens to subarachnoid space
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