subjunctive verbs

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  1. aconsejar
    to advise
  2. desear
    to wish
  3. es importante
    it's important
  4. es necesario
    it's necessary
  5. es urgente
    it's urgent
  6. exigir
  7. gustar
    to like
  8. hacer
    to make
  9. importar
    to be important
  10. insistir en
    to insist on
  11. mandar
    to order
  12. necesitar
    to need
  13. oponerse a
    to oppose
  14. pedir
    to ask for (e>i)
  15. preferir
    to prefer (e>ie)
  16. prohibir
    to prohibit
  17. proponer
    to propose
  18. querer
    to want (e>ie)
  19. recomendar
    to recommend (e>ie)
  20. rogar
    to beg/plead (o>ue)
  21. sugerir
    to suggest (e>ie)
  22. alegrarse de
    to be happy about
  23. es bueno
    it's good
  24. es extraño
    it's strange
  25. es malo
    it's bad
  26. es mejor
    it's better
  27. es ridículo
    it's ridiculous
  28. es terrible
    it's terrible
  29. es una lástima
    it's a shame
  30. es una pena
    it's a pity
  31. esperar
    to hope
  32. gustar
    to like
  33. molestar
    to bother
  34. sentir
    to be sorry (e>ie)
  35. sorprender
    to surprise
  36. temer
    to fear
  37. tener miedo de
    to be afraid of
  38. dudar
    to doubt
  39. es imposible
    it's impossible
  40. es improbable
    it's impossible
  41. es poco seguro
    it's uncertain
  42. no es posible
    it's not possible
  43. no es probable
    it's not probable
  44. negar
    to deny (e>ie)
  45. no creer
    not to believe
  46. no es evidente
    it's not evident
  47. no es seguro
    it's not certain
  48. no es verdad/cierto
    it's not true
  49. no estar seguro de
    not to be sure of
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