French 2.0

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  1. Goosebumps
    Chicken Skin /Flesh
    • frissons
    • chair de poule
  2. Do you want to sit down?
    Tu veux t'asseoir?
  3. Don't talk to me about .....
    going there
    sitting down
    • Ne me parle pas de
    • m'asseoir
    • d'y aller
  4. He tried to kill me yesterday.
    Il a voulu ma mort hier.
  5. asparagus
  6. to take (someone) to a place to do s/g
    He took me on a little bike ride.
    She took you shopping.
    You took us (brought us) shopping.
    • emmener
    • Il m'a emmene faire une petite promenade en velo.
    • Elle t'a emmene faire les boutiques.
    • Vous nous avez emmenes faires des courses.
  7. a walk
    a bike trip
    a boat trip
    • une promenade
    • une promenade en velo
    • une promenade en batueau
  8. That should be ...
    That should be finished.
    • Cela devrait etre ...
    • Cela devait etre acheve.
  9. Stock Market
    marche d'actions
  10. Ma soeur m'en a parle.
    My sister spoke to me of it.
  11. We are going to meet him Saturday.
    Nous allons le rencontrer Samedi.
  12. We are going to meet him Saturday.
    (Already set up a meeting)
    Nous lui avons donne rendezvous Samedi.
  13. place
    • endroit (un lieu)
    • place (like a seat, parking place, etc.)
  14. to cancel
    • annuler
    • repousser
  15. to erase / get rid of
  16. to enlarge
    make bigger
    • aggrandir (plus en hauteur)
    • elaigir (plus de largeur-width)
  17. to tune
    to come together in accordance
  18. to park
    a parking spot
    • se garer
    • une place
  19. wasted
  20. computer networks
    des reseaux d'ordinateurs
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