Glencoe Ch. 14

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  1. Oleos are shock-absorbing components that
    regulate the rate of absorption by use of an orifice
  2. The trunnion portion of a landing-gear system
    allows the gear to pivot during extension and retraction
  3. A landing gear strut
    is also referred to as the outer cylinder of landing gear's oleo shock absorber
  4. Snubbing
    controls the maximum rate of landing-gear extension
  5. Landing-gear wheel and axle alignment is maintained by the landing gear's
    torque link(s)
  6. Maintaining the longitudinal alignment of a landing gear system is the function of the
    drag link(s)
  7. Shimmy damper are usually employed in the
    nose gear
  8. The age of a shock cord may be ascertained from the
    color code woven into the cord sheath
  9. Ply ratings indicate the
    strength of the tire
  10. A red dot on the side of an aircraft tire indicates
    lightest point of the tire
  11. The prefix number of a modern tire designation code identifies
    a combination of section width, rim width, and bead ledge angle
  12. To prevent rubbing between a tube and its tire
    tubes are fabricated with ribs
  13. Aircraft wheels are most commonly fabricated
    in two halves and must be inflated in a gauge
  14. The yellow strip on a tube indicates the
    heavy spot on the tube and must be located adjacent to the lightest spot on the tire
  15. Recapping o an aircraft tire is
    limited only by the condition of the tire carcass in airline application
  16. The amount ot air in the brake hydraulic system should be
    There should be no air in a hydraulic braking system
  17. Power-boost braking systems
    supplement the brake hydraulic system with the aircraft's basic hydraulic system pressure
  18. The purpose of antiskid generators is to
    measure wheel rotational speed and speed changes
  19. What safety device is actuated by the compression and extension of a landing-gear strut?
    Ground safety switch
  20. In brake service work, bleeding brakes is the process of
    witdrawing fluid from the system for the purpose of removing air that has entered the system
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