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  1. assonance
    alliteration that has the same vowel sound at the beginning of a word
  2. chronologial
    in time order
  3. chronological
    In time order
  4. coupon
    used to get money/percent discount
  5. memorandum
    a brief note with To:, From:, and a message ( memo )
  6. pun
    a play on words/usually fun/sometimes homophones
  7. oxymoron
    two words together that are opposites
  8. anecdote
    short/brief recollection of an event
  9. paradox
    • contradicting statement
    • Example: I love to swim but I hate being in the water
  10. symbolism
    something that represents something else
  11. synecdoche
    • part of a whole phrase or the whole referring to a part
    • Example: going to a ball game
  12. stereotype
    • generalization with a judgement
    • Example: everyone that is tall plays basketball
  13. cliche
    • overly used statement
    • Example: what goes around, comes around
  14. conjunction
    • word to connect two sentences
    • Example:Or, but, and
  15. Parallelism
    • commonalities between thoughts/sentences
    • Example:Had a great lunch; had lunch
  16. contrast
    • show differences
    • Example:Compare vs. Contrast ( sound familiar? )
  17. participle
    • similar to an adjective in a sentence
    • Example:Burning-candle - present tense participle
  18. paraphrase
    restate text but keep the meaning- summary like
  19. colloquialism
    • conversational words
    • Example: Gonna, wanna,cuz, gimmee
  20. dash
    • separates compound words or phrases
    • Example: Hyphen like -
  21. plagiarize
    illegally copy from published material
  22. tragedy
    an extremely sad/ horrific event happening
  23. appositive
    noun/ noun phrase that names another noun
  24. flashback
    remembering something from the past
  25. foreshadowing
    hints to what is going to happen in the future
  26. irony
    • coincidence or odd occurrence
    • ( you are late for an appointment and you have a flat tire)
  27. sonnet
    • a song like poem with 14 lines
    • has a ryming scheme of ABAB then CDCD then EFEF then GG
  28. epic poem
    a long poem that is narrative that tell about a hero
  29. analysis
  30. imagery
    being able to picture something in your mind from words you read or hear
  31. rhetorical questions
    • questions that do not really have an answer expected
    • (parent might say: do you think I am blind and can't see your mesy room?)
  32. annotated bibliogrpahy
    • a write up of the importance of a resource used
    • a short paragraph describing the resource
  33. brochure
    a pamphlet that advertises something
  34. memoir
    something you write about one or two important events in your life
  35. reference book
    guide book like a dictionary or encyclopedia or the thesaurus
  36. pathetic fallacy
    personification with analogies
  37. analogies
    comparison of two things with some connection to each other
  38. almanac
    a reference that has interesting facts, important dates, lists, tables, etc.

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