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  1. Define Colonialism
    When someone sends people out to a distant territory to gain control over its economy and politics
  2. Identify five reseons to colonize Africa
    • Cheap labor
    • raw materials like coffee, copper, tin, and rubber
    • Wanted Africans to convert to Christianity
    • Wanted a place to invest their money
    • Wanted new markets to sell goods
  3. What was the Berline Conference?
    When a bunch of European powers came together to establish guidelines that tried regulate African trade and areas that would be colonized for their own economical and political benefit.
  4. What countries are found in Northern Africa?
    Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya
  5. What is the Sahara desert?
    It's the lergest desert in the world that covers most of Northern Africa and stretched southwars, with very few inhabitants, and almost completely made of ergs and regs
  6. Ergs-
    Seas of sandy dunes that cover 1/4 of the Sahara
  7. Regs-
    Broad, windswept gravel plains that cover nearly 3/4 of the Sahara.
  8. The __________ mountains in the Northwest side of the Sahara rise to ____________ ft.
    Atlas, 13,671
  9. Depressions-
    A very deep area/hole
  10. Qattara Depression-
    In western Egypt, and is 440ft below sea level
  11. The Nile River-
    The world's largest river, and it flows Northward
  12. Silt-
    Finely ground soil good for growing crops
  13. Aswan High Dam
    A dam built to keep the Nile from flooding over
  14. Most of Northern Africa is made up of the __________ climate except for the Northern coasts that are a ________ climate.
    Desert, Mediterranean
  15. What plants and animals live in the deserts of North Africa

    Grasses, small shrubs, ocasional trees, usually found in Oaseses, Gazelles, hyenas, baboons, foxes, and weasels
  16. ________ and _______ are important resources in North Africa, especially in __________, ___________, and ________.
    Oil, Gas, Libya, Algeria, and Egypt
  17. What is the Suez Canal? Who built it? When was it built?
    An important chokepoint in the world's shipping lanes, and it connects the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Red Sea, and also shortans the journey from Europe to Asia. Europeans designed it, Egyptians built it. Made in 1869
  18. One of Egypt's main economies is _____
  19. The _________________ is another source of income because of the tolls
    Suez Canal
  20. Algeria's main economic resource is _____.
  21. Morrocco is the only NA country that has little _____ wealth, however they are an important producer of __________.
    Oil, Fertilizer
  22. _____% of Tunisia's trade is with ______ countries.
    80, EU
  23. Cities and most of the ________ are found along the ______.
    Population, coast
  24. ______ is the most important economic resource in Libya.
  25. East Africa has many mountains. _________________ is 19,341 tall, and is Africa's tallest mountain
    Mount Kilimanjaro
  26. Lake _____ in East Africa is Africa's largest lake, but it is very _______.
    Victoria, shallow
  27. Some lakes in Eastern Africa are too ____ for people to _____ in them
    hot, swim
  28. What two rivers come together to create the Nile????
    The White Nile and the Blue Nile river
  29. What country has been at war for over 30 years and will soon be split into two countries?
  30. What is a refugee
    Someone that escapes from a war or something like that and flees to another country for safety.
  31. What two religions would be practiced in East Africa?
    Muslim and Christianity
  32. What effect has drought had on West Africa?
    Plants wither and die because there is not enough water, and then livestock starts dieing because they don't have plants to eat, then people start dieing out because they have lost their sources of food, and water
  33. What natural resources are found in West Africa?
    DIamonds, gold, iron ore, magnese, bauxite, and oil
  34. What is West Africa's most importans river?
    The Niger River in Niger
  35. What are the 4 climate zones of West Africa?
    Sahara, Sahel, Savanna, and coast and forest.
  36. About 80 percent of this West African country fishes or farms along the Niger river
  37. Only about 3 percent of this country's land is good for farming.
    (West Africa)
  38. This country's main export is cotton
    (West Africa)
  39. What country has all of its farmland along the Niger?
  40. It's capital, Nouakchott, has grown more than 700,000 people in just 40 years
  41. What country is West Africa's only island country?
    Cape Verde
  42. What contry's name means ivory coast?
    Cote d'Ivoire
  43. What country was settled by freed American slaves?
  44. What West African country contains one of the largest human-made lakes in the world - Lake Volta?
  45. The Veld-
    Open grasslands of southern Africa
  46. What are the natural resources in Southern Africa?
    Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, iron ore, oil, tin, copper, crops, and live stock
  47. What are the deserts and rivers in Southern Africa? (5)
    • Kalahari desert (occupies most of Botswana)
    • Namib desert (lies along the Atlantic coast and blends into the Kalahari and steppe)
    • The Orange River (Leads into the Aughrabies falls)
    • Aughrabies Falls (19 'falls)
    • the Limpopo river
  48. What four Southern Africa countries are landlocked?
    Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, and Swaziland
  49. What was the Apartheid?
    A policy to seperate different ethnic groups in South Africa
  50. What are townships?
    Areas of small, clustered homes blacks were forced to live in in South Africa during the Apartheid.
  51. What are sanctions?
    Restrictions put on a country to stop bad acts
  52. What bad conditions did people have under the Apartheid?
    Housing, healthcare, and land was poor, education was limited, No rights in white areas, open townships, had to work faraway for whites, and going against meant jail.
  53. WHat type of Sanctions were places of South Africa?
    • No trading with them,
    • They couldn't participate in organizations,
    • Refusal to invest money in them
  54. Who was Nelson Mandela and what happened in his life?
    Nelson Mandela was a SA black that tried to abolish the Apartheid, and when he got sent to jail, he was the symbol for blacks.He was born on June 18th 1918 in a small SA village, then he learned what was happening with the Apartheid, went against it, got thrown in jail for "Conspiracy, Treason, and sabatoge" then got out, got the Nobel peace prize, became president, and became an ANC leader.
  55. Why waa Nelson Mandela arrested and how long was he in jail?
    sabatoge, treason, and conspiracy, 27 years.
  56. When was the Apartheid abolished?
  57. What is the major language spoken in Southern Africa?
  58. What is the ANC?
    Anorganisation striving to gain everyone equal rights, and wanted a democratic gov.
  59. WHat is the OAU?
    An operation that promotes cooperation between African countires
  60. Most of the people in Namibia live in the _______ of the north or the ________ central highlands.
    savannahs, cooler
  61. Botswana is a large, ______, semi-arid country
  62. SInce Zimbabwe's independance, they have struggled to create more ______ distribution of land and _______
    equal, wealth
  63. Mozambique is one of the world's ____ countires
  64. Madagascar has many ________ found no where else. Some 40 species of _______ live on this island
    animals, lemurs
  65. Most of Ethipoia and Somalia are made of what two climate regions?
    Highland and steppe
  66. How have people in Kenya made a living from tourists?
  67. Many people in Eastern Africa live in tribes for live what kind of lifestyle.
    It's either western, or farming/herding.
  68. What countries are in North Africa?
    Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco

    (Top strip of land on map :))
  69. What countries are in Southern Africa?
    Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa, Botwana, Madagascar, Mosambique, and Zimbabwe
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