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  1. Sumerians were polytheistic or monotheistic?
  2. Sumerian temples were called...
  3. the Harappan Dynasty developed where?
  4. In Sumer, what were there code of laws?
    Hammurabi's Code
  5. To increase agricultural prodouction, the Harappan's developed...
    irrigation systems
  6. the Jewish holy book
    the Torah
  7. the Jews follow which religious laws?
    the 10 Commandments
  8. Jews are monotheistic or polotheistic?
  9. Jewish code of behavior is in the...
  10. when the Jews were forced to move against their will it was known as the...
  11. Athens most famous sculpture was the...
    discus thrower
  12. Greek philosophy emphasized...
  13. Who created the Hellenistic Age?
    Alexander the Great
  14. Hellenistic culture is a blend of...
    Greek and Middle Eastern cultures
  15. the three goals of Pericles
    • Democracy
    • Nationalism
    • Trade
  16. where was the Aryan Dynasty?
  17. Aryans were able to invade India through this pass
    the Khyber Pass
  18. which religion did Aryans develop?
  19. Hinduism is monotheistic or polytheistic?
  20. in Hinduism, to follow one's duties and obligations in life is known as...
    Karma and Dharma
  21. Confucius believed people should respect their parents which is known as...
    filial piety
  22. the Five Relationships of Confucius
    • Ruler and Ruled
    • Husband and Wife
    • Father and Son
    • Older Brother and Younger Brother
    • Friend and Friend
  23. Rome's written laws
    the Twelve Tables
  24. Why did Romans persecute Christians?
    they refused to worship Roman Emperors
  25. political causes of the decline of Rome
    dictatorship governments, corruption, lack of efficiency, assassination
  26. economic causes of the decline of Rome
    increase in taxes, unemployment, farmers didn't own land
  27. social causes for Roman decline
    lazy people, class distinctions, decline of cities
  28. notable leader of the Maurya Dynasty
    Asoka the Great
  29. Who was Asoka the Great?
    • ruled during the Mauryan Dynasty in India
    • converted to Buddhism, but tolerant of other beliefs
    • united diverse people and brought peace and prosperity
  30. Christians are monotheistic or polytheistic?
  31. Christians follow which religious laws?
    the Ten Commandments
  32. Who opposes birth control?
    Roman Catholics
  33. The opposition of birth control by Roman Catholics has contributed to the increase of population in...
    Latin America
  34. Where did Buddhism start?
  35. Buddhists seek to achieve...
  36. Buddhist holy book
    the Sutras
  37. Buddhists follow...
    the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path
  38. Mayans were monotheistic or polytheistic?
  39. Which ancient Latin American civilizations developed a writing system?
    the Aztecs and Mayans
  40. Which ancient Latin American civilization build roads like the Romans?
    the Incas
  41. ancient Latin American civilization that developed the concept of zero
  42. The Gupta Dynasty mainly followed which religion?
  43. the Byzantine faith
    Eastern Orthodox
  44. How did Byzantines influence Russia?
    gave them the Cyrillic alphabet and the Eastern Orthodox religion
  45. four causes to the Middle Ages
    • fall of Rome
    • decrease of trade
    • cities disappeared
    • learning vanished
  46. Who was Charlemagne?
    • the first Holy Roman Emperor
    • increased the power of the Roman Catholic Church
  47. describe the class system of the Middle Ages
    • monarchy
    • nobles
    • vassals
    • knights
    • serfs
  48. the three causes of Feudalism
    • weak central government
    • farmers gave up land for protection
    • castles built for protection
  49. the five effects of Feudalism
    • self-sufficient manors
    • rigid class distinctions
    • no trade
    • violation of human rights
    • trial by ordeal
  50. Who was in charge of education during the Middle Ages?
    Roman Catholic Church
  51. During the Middle Ages, music and literature followed what theme?
  52. When was Gothic architecture used?
    the Middle Ages
  53. describe Gothic architecture
    • stained glass windows
    • pointed arches
    • flying buttresses
  54. What did Ghana trade?
    • gold and salt
    • ivory, slaves, and gold for hand crafted goods
  55. Which dynasties reintroduced the civil service exam?
    Tang and Song Dynasties
  56. What was Muhammad's Hijra?
    his flight from Mecca to Medina
  57. a Muslim holy war
    a Jihad
  58. Islamic holy book
  59. Mulsims are monotheistic or polytheistic?
  60. Muslims follow which religious laws?
    the Five Pillars
  61. list the Five Pillars of Islam
    • Allah is God and Muhammad is prophet
    • pray to Mecca 5 times a day
    • pilgrimage to Mecca
    • fast during Ramadan
    • alms to the poor
  62. How did the Tang and Song Dynasties unify their empire?
    built grand canal and highway systems
  63. the largest empire in west Africa
  64. How did the Songhai Empire gain wealth?
    gold, ivory, and slave trade
  65. the Abbassid Dynasty
    the islamic Golden Age
  66. the Heian Period
    Japanese feudal period
  67. list the social classes of the Japanese feudal system
    • emperor (figurehead)
    • Tokugawa Shogunate
    • Daimyo (lords)
    • Samurai (like knights)
    • peasants
  68. the samurai follow the code of...
  69. In the Heian Period, people followed which beliefs?
    Zen Buddhism and Shinto beliefs
  70. Who called the first Crusades?
    Pope Urban II
  71. main cause of the Crusades
    Christians prevented from making their pilgrimmage to the Holy Land, Jerusalem
  72. political reason for the Crusades
    to help the Byzantine Empire from attacks by the Seljuk Turks
  73. effects of the Crusades
    • increased trade
    • strengthened monarchies or centralized powers
    • weakened serfdom
    • weakened the power of the nobles
    • growth of cities
    • the Renaissance
  74. The Aztecs were monotheistic or polytheistic?
  75. defeated the Aztecs
    Hernando Cortes, a conquistador
  76. Mansa Musa was from...
  77. Mansa Musa converted to the...
    Islamic religion
  78. first ruler of the Mongol Empire
    Genghis Khan
  79. the Mongol Empire extended from...
    the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea
  80. golden age of the Mongol Empire
    Pax Mongolia
  81. Marco Polo visited...
    Kublai Khan
  82. Who made China a part of the Mongol Empire?
    Kublai Khan
  83. What was the Magna Carta?
    signed by King John, limiting the power of the monarchy
  84. personal beliefs that went against the Roman Catholic Church was known as...
  85. define humanism
    the worth and uniqueness of the individual
  86. the 3 themes of Renaissance art
    • humanism
    • salvation
    • realism
  87. describe the path of the Black Plague
    started in China and spread to the Middle East, then to Europe from Italy
  88. Who was blamed for the Plague in Europe?
    the Jews
  89. six causes for the Age of Exploration
    • renaissance
    • crusades
    • adventures of Marco Polo
    • Muslims defeat Byzantine Empire
    • monarchs had money to spend
    • new use of the compass and gun powder
  90. seven effects of the Age of Exploration
    • global trade
    • shift from Mediterranean to Atlantic Coast nations as traders
    • wealth forms European monarchs and middle class
    • nationalism
    • mercantilism
    • 4/5 Native Americans die
    • Spain becomes wealthiest nation
  91. What's the Commerical Revolution?
    transition from local economies to global trade
  92. five causes of the Commercial Revolution
    • Crusades
    • desire for wealth
    • adventure
    • spirit of inquiry from the Renaissance
    • the Scientific Revolution
  93. five effects of the Commercial Revolution
    • increase trade
    • Atlantic coast nations become world powers
    • mercantilism leads to imperialism
    • capitalism
    • the Scientific Revolution
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