directions and Anatomical Planes

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  1. Superior
    toward the head or upper part of a structure
  2. inferior
    away from head or the low part of a structure
  3. Anterior
    nearer to or at the front of the body
  4. Posterior
    nearer to or at the back of the body
  5. Medial
    nearer to the midline
  6. lateral
    farther from the midline
  7. intermediate
    between two structures
  8. ipsilateral
    on the same side of the body as another stucture
  9. contralateral
    on the opposite side of the body from another structure
  10. proximal
    nearer to the attachement of a limb to the trunk
  11. distal
    further from the attachment of a limb to the trunk
  12. superficial
    toward or on the surface of the body
  13. deep
    away from the surface of the body
  14. sagittal plane
    is a vertical plane that divides the body or an organ into right and left sides
  15. midsagittal plane
    when it is divided into equal left and right sides
  16. parasagittal plane
    when a sagittal plane divides the body or an organ into unequal left and right sides
  17. frontal or coronal plane
    divides the body or an organ into anterior and posterior portions
  18. transverse planes
    divides the body into superior and inferior portions
  19. oblique planes
    passes through the body or an organ at an angle between a transverse plane and a sagittal plane or transverse and a coronal plane

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directions and Anatomical Planes
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Directions Anatomical planes

Directions and Anatomical planes
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