Medical terms

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  1. Prenatal
    pertaining to before birth
  2. Intravenous
    pertaining to within the vein
  3. Antepartum
    before birth
  4. Macrocephaly
    pertaining to large head
  5. Metamorphosis
    change of shape or form
  6. Malignant
  7. Polyneuritis
    inflammation of many nerves
  8. Post mortem
    after death
  9. Postpartum
    after childbirth
  10. Antibiotic
    pertaining to against life
  11. Coccygeal
    pertaining to tailbone
  12. Sacral
    • pertaining to sacrum
    • (lower back)
  13. Parathyroid glands
    endocrine glands located on posterior of thyroid gland
  14. Chromosomes
    rod shaped in the nucleus that contains DNA
  15. Prodrome
    symptoms that come b4 illness
  16. Syndrome
    a group of symptoms that occur together
  17. Catabolism
    casting down of materials (sugar) to release energy
  18. Karyotype
    pictures of chromosomes in the nuclues of a cell
  19. Cytoplasm
    all material outside of the nucleus
  20. Adrenal glands
    endocrine gland located above kidneys
  21. Antitoxin
    substance produce in response to & capable os nutralizing toxins
  22. Endocardium
    inner lining surrounding heart
  23. Polymorphonuclear
    many shaped nucleus
  24. Prolapse
    sliding forward or downward
  25. Iliac
    pertaining to back part of pelvic bone
  26. Biforcation
    branching or forking into 2
  27. Pancytopenia
    condition in decrease of all blood cells
  28. Malaise
    discomfort feeling, bad feeling
  29. Adductor
    muscle that pulls towards body
  30. Abductor
    muscle that draws away from body
  31. Abnormal
    pertaining to away from the rule
  32. Neonatal
    pertaining to newborn
  33. Apnea
    not breathing
  34. Adipose
    full of fat
  35. Congenital Anomaly
    irregularity when child is born
  36. Bradycardia
    condition of slow heartrate
  37. Contralateral
    pertaining to opposite sides
  38. Percutaneous
    pertaining to through the skin
  39. Auto Immune Disease
    produced antibodies against your own antigen
  40. Chondrosarcoma
    malignant tumor cartilidge
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