Chapter 11

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  1. What are the three parts of the prescription?
    • Header
    • Body
    • Signature
  2. What is in the header?
    • Doctors Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Patient Address
    • DEA Number
    • Date
  3. What is in the body?
    • Drug Name
    • Strength
    • Dosage Form
    • Instructions for use
    • refill information
  4. Written prescriptions are important in what type of organization?
    Retail- It may be sent electronically or hand written but it must always contain the three parts of the prescription
  5. What system do hospitals use when it comes to administering prescription medication?
    • MAR- Medication Administration Record
    • The MAR is a single central recording sheet of all medications the patient is currently taking and who is administering those doses.
  6. What is included on the MAR?
    • Patient Name
    • Age
    • Hospital Billing Number
    • Drug Name
    • Dosage
    • Route of Administration
    • Practitioner's Name and Title
  7. How long after the prescription date can a prescription be filled?
    You have 6 months from the prescription date.
  8. What is the maximum number of refills that can be recieved on a single prescription for a schedule 3-5 drug?
    5 refills
  9. How many refills are allowed on Schedule 2 drugs?
  10. When partial filling a schedule 2 drug, how long does the Pharmacis have to fulfill the prescription?
    72 hours
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