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  1. Which anticoaglulant is found in a green-topped collection vacuum tube?
    Sodium heparin
  2. Which tube would be used first in the evacuated tube system?
    Yellow top
  3. Which tubes contain anticoagulant additive?
    • Lavender
    • Pink
    • Green
  4. What is the minimum amount of timea pressure bandage should be left in place after a venipuncture for blood collection?
    15 minutes
  5. Which of the following are potential incompatibilities of medcation admixtures?
    Drug interactin, drug synergism, and drug tolerance
  6. What is the most common modality for delivery of IV medications to pediatric patients?
    Intermittent infusion using volume control set
  7. IV push medications should be given according to manufacturer guidelines but given over no less than....
    one minute
  8. Advantages of the intraperitoneal modality include....
    • dose intensification
    • IP chemo diffuses into peritoneal surfae and is absorbed systemically
    • lower system levels of agents
  9. Clear fluid in the syringe after aspiration of an epidural catheter is and indication of catheter
  10. Which of the following are key points in the delivery of epidural infusions?
    • use only antimicrobial swabs to prepare the site
    • use 0.2 micron filter w/o surfactant for medication administration
  11. Which diseases is donor blood screened for?
    • Hbs-AG
    • Anti-HIV1
    • Anti-HIV2
  12. The initial nursing intervention for an acute hemolytic transfusion reaction would be to
    stop the transfusion and start new saline infusion with new tubing.
  13. Caution should be used when infusing 25% albumin because of the risk for
    circulatory overload
  14. If a pt receives 2 unites of PRBC's with a Hct of 24% the anticipated Hct after 24 hours woudl be
  15. Which of the following adverse effects of transfusion therapy ahs a potential for a fatal outcome for the patient?
  16. Which type of malnutrition is most commonly seen in acutley ill pt's?
  17. How many kcal's does a 20% lipid emulsion provide
    2.0 kcal/mL
  18. What are three anthropometric measurements?
    • Weight
    • Skinfold thickness
    • Midarm muscle thickness
  19. Which size filter should be used with TNA solutions?
    1.2 micron filter
  20. Refeeding syndrome is associated with which electolyte abnormalities?
    • Hypernatremia
    • Hypophosphatemia
    • Hypomagnesemia
    • Hypokalemia
  21. Which of the following are points of care in delivery of PPN
    • PPN is mildly hypertonic and should be given into a large peripheral veing
    • Phlebitis is a complication of PPN
    • PPN is most commonly used for short term therapy for fairly stable pts whose normal GI funciton will reusme in 3-4 weeks
  22. What outcome shows that platelet therapy is working?
    Decreased oozing form puncture sites and gums.
  23. Why is fresh frozen plasma (FFP) given?
    • for demonstrated factor deficiencies
    • coumadin drug reversal
    • antithrombin III deficiency
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