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  1. Aback
    (preceded by taken) surprised; startled
  2. Abandon
    to leave; to give up; to discontinue
  3. abase
    to humiliate; to humble; to lower
  4. abash
    ashamed; embarrassed abate to lessen; to decrease
  5. abdicate
    to yield; to give up
  6. abduct
    to take away; to kidnap
  7. aberration
    abnormality; deviation
  8. abet
    to aid; to encourage
  9. abeyance
    a temporary postponement
  10. abhor
    to hate; to detest
  11. abide
    (two meanings) to remain; to put up with
  12. abject
    miserable; wretched
  13. abjure
    to give up (rights)
  14. ablution
    a washing; cleansing
  15. abnegate
    to deny; to reject
  16. abolition
    doing away with; putting an end to
  17. abominate
    to detest; to dislike strongly
  18. aborigine
    original inhabitant abortive unsuccessful
  19. abound
    to be large in number
  20. aboveboard
    honest; frank; open
  21. abrade
    to wear away abridge to shorten
  22. abrogate
    to abolish; to repeal
  23. abscond
    to leave secretly; to flee
  24. absolve
    to free from responsibility
  25. abstemious
    moderate or sparing in eating or drinking
  26. abstinence
    self-denial; resistance to temptation
  27. abstract
    (two meanings) a summary (noun); to remove (verb)
  28. abstruse
    hard to understand
  29. absurd
    ridiculous; unreasonable
  30. abut
    to touch; to rest on or against
  31. abysmal
    wretched; extremely bad
  32. abyss
    a bottomless pit; anything infinite
  33. academic
    (two meanings) pertaining to school; theoretical or unrealistic
  34. accede
    to agree to
  35. accelerate
    to speed up; to move faster
  36. accessible
    easy to approach; open
  37. access
    approach; admittance
  38. accessory
    something additional
  39. acclaim
    to greet with approval
  40. acclimate
    to adapt; to get used to
  41. acclivity
    upward slope
  42. accolade
    honor; award; approval
  43. accommodate
    to make fit; to help
  44. accomplice
    a partner in crime
  45. accord
  46. accost
    to approach and speak to
  47. accoutrement
    equipment; outfit
  48. accredit
    to approve; to certify
  49. accretion
    an increase; an addition
  50. accrue
    to gather; to accumulate
  51. acerbic
    sharp or bitter in smell or taste; sharpness of temper or words
  52. Achilles' heel
    a weakness
  53. Acknowledge
    to admit; to confess
  54. acme
    highest point; peak
  55. acoustics
    the branch of physics dealing with sound
  56. acquiesce
    to agree; to consent
  57. acquit
    to free of guilt; to clear
  58. acrid
    bitter to the taste or smell; sarcastic
  59. acrimonious
    harsh in speech or behavior
  60. acronym
    word formed from initials
  61. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  62. actuate
    to put into motion or action
  63. acumen
    mental keenness; shrewdness
  64. acute
    sharp; keen
  65. ad infinitum
    endlessly; forever
  66. ad lib
    to act or speak without preparation
  67. adage
    a familiar saying
  68. adamant
    stubborn; unyielding
  69. adapt
    to adjust; to change
  70. addendum
    something added as a supplement
  71. addled
  72. adduce
    to give an example in proving something
  73. adept
    highly skilled
  74. adherent
    (two meanings) sticking fast (adjective); a follower or a supporter (noun)
  75. adipose
  76. adjacent
    near; close; adjoining
  77. adjudicate
    to judge
  78. adjunct
    a subordinate; an assistant
  79. admonish
    to warn
  80. ado
    fuss; trouble
  81. Adonis
    a very handsome man
  82. Adorn
    to dress up; to decorate
  83. adroit
    skillful; clever
  84. adulation
    excessive praise or flattery
  85. adulterate
    to make impure
  86. advent
    an arrival; a coming
  87. adventitious
    accidental; nonessential
  88. adversary
    enemy; opponent
  89. adversity
    a misfortune; distress
  90. advocate
    to recommend; to defend
  91. aegis
    a shield; protection; sponsorship
  92. aesthetic
    pertaining to beauty
  93. affable
    friendly; agreeable
  94. affectation
    a phony attitude; insincerity
  95. affiliate
    to associate or to unite with
  96. affinity
    attraction to
  97. affirmation
    a statement that something is true
  98. affix
    to attach
  99. affliction
    great suffering; hardship
  100. affluence
  101. affront
    an insult
  102. aftermath
    outcome; result
  103. agape
    open-mouthed; surprised
  104. agenda
    a list or program of things to be done
  105. aggrandize
    to enlarge or to expand
  106. aggravate
    to worsen an already bad situation; to intensify
  107. aggregate
    to collect; to gather together
  108. aghast
    shocked; terrified
  109. agile
    able to move quickly
  110. agitate
    to upset; to stir up
  111. agnostic
    one who doubts the existence of God
  112. agoraphobia
    fear of open places
  113. agrarian
    pertaining to farmers and agriculture
  114. ague
    a fever; plague alacrity liveliness; willingness
  115. albatross
    (two meanings) a seabird; a constant burden
  116. albeit
  117. alchemy
    chemistry of the Middle Ages
  118. alias
    an assumed name
  119. alien
    strange; foreign
  120. alienate
    to make others unfriendly to you
  121. alimentary
    furnishing food or nourishment
  122. allay
    to relieve or to calm
  123. alleged
    so-called; supposed
  124. allegory
    a symbolic work of literature
  125. allegro
    rapid; quick
  126. alleviate
    to lessen; to relieve
  127. allocate
    to set aside for a specific purpose
  128. allude
    to hint at; to refer to indirectly
  129. alluring
    tempting; fascinating; charming
  130. alluvial
    pertaining to a deposit of sand formed by flowing water
  131. aloft
    up in the air; high
  132. aloof
    reserved; cool; indifferent
  133. alter
    to change
  134. altercation
    an argument; a disagreement
  135. altruism
    unselfishness; concern for others
  136. amalgamate
    to combine; to unite; to blend
  137. amass
    to accumulate; to collect
  138. amazon
    "a big
  139. ambidextrous
    equally skillful with either hand
  140. ambient
    surrounding; on all sides
  141. ambiguous
    unclear; open to more than one interpretation
  142. ambivalence
    conflicting feelings toward something or someone
  143. ambrosial
    pleasing to the taste or smell
  144. ambulatory
    moving about; capable of walking
  145. ambuscade
    hidden or secret attack
  146. ameliorate
    to improve; to make better
  147. amenable
    agreeable; responsive
  148. amend
    to change; to alter
  149. amenities
    courtesies; social graces; pleasantries
  150. amiable
    friendly; pleasant
  151. amicable
    friendly; agreeable
  152. amiss
    wrong; faulty; improper
  153. amity
  154. amnesty
    official pardon for an offense
  155. amoral
    lacking a sense of right and wrong
  156. amorous
    loving amorphous shapeless
  157. amphibious
    able to live on both land and water
  158. ample
    roomy; abundant
  159. amplify
    to make larger or greater
  160. amulet
    a charm worn to keep evil away
  161. anachronism
    something out of place or time
  162. analgesic
    drug that relieves pain
  163. analogy
    similarity or comparison
  164. anarchy
    absence of government
  165. anathema
    a curse; a person or thing to be avoided
  166. ancillary
    helping; subordinate
  167. anecdote
    "a short
  168. anent
    regarding; concerning
  169. anguish
    great suffering or grief anhydrous without water
  170. animadversion
    criticism; comment that opposes
  171. animate
    to give life to
  172. animosity
    hatred; hostility
  173. animus
    hostile feeling
  174. annals
    historical records
  175. anneal
    to heat and then cool; to toughen
  176. annihilate
    to totally destroy
  177. annuity
    specified income payable at stated intervals
  178. annul
    to cancel; to do away with
  179. anomalous
    abnormal; inconsistent
  180. anon
  181. anoxia
    lack of oxygen
  182. antecedent
    that which goes before something else
  183. antediluvian
    very old-fashioned; primitive
  184. anterior
    located in front or forward
  185. anteroom
    a lobby or waiting room
  186. anthem
    song of praise
  187. anthology
    collection of literary works
  188. anthropoid
    resembling man
  189. anthropomorphic
    "attributing human form to objects
  190. anticlimax
    something unimportant coming after something important
  191. antidote
    a remedy; a counteractive
  192. antipathy
    intense dislike
  193. antipodes
    opposite sides (of the earth)
  194. antiquated
    ncient; extremely old antithesis an exact opposite
  195. apathy
    indifference; lack of feeling
  196. ape
    (two meanings) a monkey (noun); to imitate or to mimic (verb)
  197. aperture
    an opening; a gap
  198. apex
    the highest point; summit
  199. aphasia
    loss of the ability to speak
  200. aphorism
    brief saying; proverb
  201. apiary
    place where bees are kept
  202. aplomb
    self-confidence; poise
  203. apocryphal
    doubtful; not authentic
  204. apogee
    farthest point away from the earth
  205. apoplexy
    sudden loss of consciousness; paralysis
  206. apostate
    one who gives up his beliefs
  207. apothecary
  208. apothegm
    brief instructive saying
  209. apotheosis
    glorification of a person to the rank of God
  210. appall
    to frighten; to cause loss of courage
  211. apparel
    clothing; attire
  212. apparition
    a ghost
  213. appease
    to soothe; to satisfy
  214. appellation
    a name
  215. append
    to attach; to add
  216. apposite
  217. apprehend
    (two meanings) to seize; to understand
  218. apprehensive
    fearful; anxious apprise to inform
  219. approbation
  220. appropriate
    to take possession of (verb); suitable (adjective)
  221. appurtenance
    something added to another more important thing
  222. apropos
    relevant; appropriate; fitting
  223. aptitude
  224. aquatic
    pertaining to water
  225. aquiline
    like an eagle; curved or hooked
  226. arable
    good for farming
  227. arbiter
    a judge; an umpire
  228. arbitrary
    partial; biased
  229. arbor
    a shaded area
  230. arcane
  231. archaic
    outdated; old-fashioned
  232. archaeology
    study of remains of past cultures
  233. archetype
    original; first of its kind
  234. archipelago
    group of islands
  235. archives
    public records and documents
  236. ardent
    intensely enthusiastic
  237. arduous
    difficult; strenuous
  238. aria
    a solo in an opera arid dry
  239. armistice
    a truce; suspension of hostilities
  240. aromatic
  241. arraign
    to accuse
  242. arrant
    notorious; downright
  243. array
    an orderly arrangement
  244. arrears
    (preceded by in) in debt
  245. arrogant
    proud; haughty
  246. arroyo
    a deep ditch caused by running water
  247. arson
    illegal burning of property
  248. artful
    cunning; tricky; crafty
  249. articulate
    to speak clearly
  250. artifact
    a handmade object
  251. artifice
    trick; deception
  252. artisan
    one skilled in arts and crafts
  253. ascendant
  254. ascertain
    to find out; to determine
  255. ascetic
    one who denies his body pleasure and comfort
  256. ascribe
    to attribute; to credit as to a cause or source
  257. aseptic
    without bacteria
  258. asinine
    stupid; silly
  259. askance
    (preceded by to look) sidewise; suspiciously
  260. askew
    crooked; out of position
  261. asperity
    harshness; roughness
  262. aspersion
    a damaging remark
  263. aspire
    to desire; to have an ambition
  264. assail
    to attack; to assault
  265. assay
    to test; to try
  266. assent
    to agree; to accept
  267. assertive
    confident; positive
  268. assess
    to estimate the value of
  269. assiduity
    diligence; care
  270. assimilate
    to absorb
  271. assuage
    to calm; to make less severe
  272. asteroid
    a very small planet
  273. astral
    pertaining to the stars
  274. astray
    in the wrong direction
  275. astringent
    substance that contracts blood vessels or shrinks tissues
  276. astute
    shrewd; very smart
  277. asunder
    into separate parts
  278. asylum
    a safe place; a refuge
  279. atavistic
    going back to behavior found in a remote ancestor
  280. atheist
    one who denies God's existence
  281. atlas
    book of maps atone to make up for; to repent
  282. atrocious
    cruel; brutal
  283. atrophy
    to waste away; to become useless
  284. attenuated
    decreased; weakened
  285. attest
    to confirm; to declare to be correct
  286. attribute
    (two meanings) to credit or assign to (verb); a characteristic or trait (noun)
  287. attrition
    a wearing down or away; a decline
  288. atypical
    abnormal; not usual
  289. au courant
    up-to-date; fully informed
  290. audacity
    boldness; daring
  291. audible
    capable of being heard
  292. audit
    to examine accounts
  293. augment
    to increase; to make greater
  294. augur
    to predict
  295. august
    majestic; worthy of respect; impressive
  296. aura
    a radiance; a glow
  297. aural
    pertaining to the sense of hearing
  298. auroral
    rosy; pertaining to the dawn
  299. auspices
    approval; support
  300. auspicious
  301. austere
    severe; stern; self-disciplined
  302. authenticate
    to confirm; to make acceptable
  303. authoritative
    dictatorial; having power
  304. autocratic
    despotic; unlimited in authority
  305. automaton
    self-operating machine; robot
  306. autonomy
    self-rule autumnal mature; declining
  307. auxiliary
    giving assistance; subordinate
  308. avarice
  309. avenge
    to get even; to take revenge
  310. aver
    to declare; to state firmly
  311. averse
    reluctant; not willing
  312. aversion
    intense dislike
  313. avert
    to prevent; to turn away
  314. aviary
    place where birds are kept
  315. avid
  316. avocation
    a hobby; not one's regular work
  317. avoirdupois
    heaviness; weight
  318. avow
    to declare openly
  319. avuncular
    like an uncle
  320. awe
    (in awe of) great admiration for or fear of
  321. awry
    twisted to one side; in the wrong direction
  322. axiom
    true statement; established principle
  323. azure
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