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  1. bacchanalian
    wild with drunkenness
  2. badger
    to nag; to annoy
  3. badinage
  4. baftle
    to confuse; to bewilder
  5. bagatelle
    thing of little value; trifle
  6. bait
    (two meanings) to entrap or to seduce (verb); a decoy (noun)
  7. baleful
    harmful; menacing; pernicious
  8. balk
    to stop short
  9. balm
    something that calms or soothes
  10. balmy
    (two meanings) mild and refreshing; mentally unstable (slang)
  11. banal
    common; ordinary; trite
  12. bandy
    to exchange (as words)
  13. bane
    "cause of ruin
  14. banter
    teasing; good-natured joking
  15. barb
    "a pointed part
  16. barbarous
    uncultured; crude
  17. bard
    a poet bark a boat or sailing vessel
  18. baroque
    over decorated; showy
  19. barrage
    heavy attack
  20. barrister
    lawyer (British)
  21. bask
    to lie in or be exposed to warmth
  22. bastion
    a strong defense; a fort
  23. bauble
    showy but useless thing; trinket
  24. bawdy
    indecent; humorously obscene
  25. bayou
    marshy body of water
  26. beacon
    a light used for warning or guiding
  27. beatitude
    state of bliss
  28. bedlam
    (two meanings) a madhouse; a noisy uproar
  29. befuddle
    to confuse; to perplex
  30. beget
    to produce
  31. begrudge
    to resent another's success or enjoyment
  32. beguile
    to deceive; to charm
  33. behemoth
    huge animal
  34. beholden
    obligated; indebted
  35. belated
    delayed or detained
  36. beleaguer
    to encircle (with an army); to annoy
  37. belittle
    to put down; to humiliate
  38. belligerent
    warlike; Quarrelsome bellow to yell loudly
  39. benediction
  40. benefactor
    one who helps or supports another
  41. beneficiary
    one who receives benefits or profits
  42. benevolent
    generous; kindly benign harmless; gentle
  43. benignant
    kindly; gentle
  44. bequeath
    to hand down; to pass on to
  45. berate
    to scold severely
  46. bereave
    to leave in a sad or lonely state; to deprive by force
  47. berserk
    frenzied; violently destructive
  48. beseech
    to beg; appeal to
  49. beset
    to attack
  50. besiege
    to overwhelm; to close in on
  51. besmirch
    to make dirty
  52. bestial
    savage; brutal
  53. bestow
    to give or present
  54. bestride
    to mount (a horse)
  55. betrothed
    engaged; pledged to marry
  56. bevy
    a large group
  57. bewitch
    to cast a spell on; to charm; to fascinate
  58. bias
    preference; prejudice
  59. bibliophile
    lover of books
  60. bibulous
    absorbent; fond of alcoholic beverages
  61. bicker
    to Quarrel
  62. bide
    (one's time) to wait for a favorable opportunity
  63. biennial
    occurring every two years
  64. bigot
    "a narrow-minded
  65. bilious
    bad-tempered; cross
  66. bilk
    to cheat; to swindle
  67. binge
    a spree; wild party
  68. biped
    two-legged animal
  69. bivouac
    temporary shelter
  70. bizarre
    weird; strange
  71. blanch
    to whiten; to make pale
  72. bland
    mild; tasteless; dull
  73. blandishment
  74. blas�
    bored with life; unexcited; indifferent
  75. blasphemy
    "disrespect for holy places
  76. blatant
    annoyingly conspicuous; offensively noisy and loud
  77. blazon
    to display; to proclaim
  78. bleak
    unsheltered; gloomy
  79. bleary
    blurred; dimmed
  80. blight
    destruction; withering; disease
  81. bliss
    extreme happiness
  82. blithe
    carefree; lighthearted
  83. bludgeon
    "a short
  84. blunt
    (two meanings) abrupt in speech or manner; having a dull edge
  85. blurt
    (out) to utter suddenly or indiscreetly
  86. bluster
    to speak noisily; to boast
  87. bode
    "to indicate in advance
  88. bog
    (two meanings) a swamp (noun); to sink or become stuck in (verb)
  89. bogus
    false; fake
  90. bolster
    to prop up; to support
  91. bolt
    to dash out suddenly; to discontinue support of
  92. bombastic
    using impressive but meaningless language
  93. bon mot
    witty remark bona fide genuine; in good faith
  94. bondage
  95. boon
    a benefit; a blessing; a favor
  96. boor
    a rude or impolite person
  97. booty
    stolen money or goods
  98. boreal
  99. borne
    carried; put up with
  100. botch
    to mess up; to perform clumsily
  101. bountiful
    plentiful; abundant
  102. bounty
    reward; generosity
  103. bourgeoisie
    middle class
  104. bovine
    pertaining to cows or cattle
  105. bowdlerize
    "to censor; to remove offensive passages of a play
  106. braggart
    one who boasts
  107. brandish
    to shake or wave a weapon aggressively
  108. brash
    offensively bold; rude
  109. bravado
    a show of courage; false
  110. bravery
    brawn muscular strength
  111. brazen
    shameless or impudent
  112. breach
    a violation; a gap
  113. breadth
  114. brethren
  115. brevity
  116. brigand
    a robber
  117. brine
    salt water
  118. brisk
    lively; quick
  119. bristling
    showing irritation
  120. broach
    to introduce (a subject)
  121. brochure
    a pamphlet
  122. bronchial
    pertaining to the windpipe
  123. browbeat
    to bully; to intimidate
  124. bruit
    to spread the news
  125. brunt
  126. brusque
    "abrupt in manner
  127. buccaneer
    a pirate
  128. bucolic
    pertaining to the countryside; rural
  129. buffoon
    clown or fool
  130. bugbear
    something causing fear
  131. bulbous
    swollen; shaped like a bulb
  132. bulwark
    a strong defense
  133. bumptious
    conceited; arrogant
  134. bungle
    to do things clumsily or badly
  135. buoy
    (two meanings) a floating object (noun); to encourage (verb)
  136. buoyant
    (two meanings) able to float; lighthearted and lively
  137. bureaucracy
    system of government through departments
  138. burgeon
    to flourish; to grow rapidly
  139. burlesque
    a speech or action that treats a serious subject with ridicule
  140. burly
    muscular; husky
  141. burnish
    to polish
  142. buttress
    any prop or support
  143. cabal
    "a small
  144. cache
    a hiding place
  145. cacophony
    harsh or unpleasant sound
  146. cadaverous
    pale; ghastly; corpselike
  147. cadence
    rhythm; beat
  148. caesura
  149. cajole
    to coax; to persuade
  150. calamitous
    causing trouble or misery; disastrous
  151. caliber
    degree of worth
  152. calligraphy
    fancy handwriting
  153. callous
    unyielding; insensitive
  154. callow
    young and inexperienced
  155. calumny
    a false accusation; slander
  156. camaraderie
    loyalty; friendship
  157. canard
    "a false story
  158. candor
    honesty; openness; frankness
  159. canine
    pertaining to dogs
  160. canny
  161. canon
    rule; law; standard
  162. cant
    insincere statements usually made in a singsong tone
  163. cantankerous
    bad-tempered; quarrelsome
  164. canter
  165. canvass
    to make a survey
  166. capacious
    spacious; roomy
  167. capitulate
    to surrender
  168. capricious
    erratic; impulsive
  169. captious
    hard to please; faultfinding
  170. captivate
    to capture; to charm; to fascinate
  171. carapace
    "shell; hard
  172. carcinogenic
    causing cancer
  173. cardinal
    principal; chief
  174. careen
    to swerve; to dip to one side
  175. caricature
    an exaggerated portrayal
  176. carnage
    slaughter; massacre
  177. carnal
    sensual; sexual
  178. carnivorous
  179. carouse
    "to engage in a noisy
  180. carp
    (two meanings) a type of fish (noun); to complain (verb)
  181. carrion
    decaying flesh
  182. carte blanche
    freedom to use one's own judgment
  183. cartel
    association of business firms
  184. cartographer
  185. cascade
    a waterfall caste social class
  186. castigate
    to punish
  187. casualty
    (two meanings) an accident; one who is hurt in an accident
  188. cataclysm
    a violent change
  189. catacomb
    underground burial place
  190. catalyst
    person or thing that speeds up a result
  191. cataract
    (two meanings) large waterfall; abnormality of the eye
  192. catastrophe
    disaster; calamity
  193. cathartic
  194. catholic
    universal; wide-ranging
  195. caucus
    a private meeting
  196. caustic
    sarcastic; severely critical; corrosive
  197. cauterize
    to burn
  198. cavalcade
    a procession; a sequence of events
  199. cavalier
    a haughty and casually indifferent person
  200. caveat
    a warning
  201. cavil
    to quibble; to argue
  202. cavort
    to leap about; to frolic
  203. celerity
    speed; swiftness
  204. celestial
  205. celibate
  206. censure
    to criticize sharply
  207. centrifugal
    moving away from the center
  208. cerebration
    thinking; using one's brain
  209. certitude
    sureness; certainty
  210. cessation
    a stopping; a discontinuance
  211. chafe
    to irritate; to annoy chaff worthless matter
  212. chagrin
    embarrassment; complete loss of courage
  213. chameleon
    a lizard able to change its skin color; a changeable or fickle person
  214. champ
    (verb) to bite impatiently; to show impatience (to champ at the bit)
  215. chaos
    complete disorder
  216. charisma
    great appeal or attraction
  217. charlatan
    a fake; a quack
  218. charnel
    cemetery; tomb
  219. chary
    (of) careful; cautious
  220. chasm
    a wide gap
  221. chaste
    pure; virtuous
  222. chastise
    to punish; to purify
  223. chattel
  224. chauvinism
    "fanatical devotion to one's country
  225. cherub
    angel; an innocent person
  226. chic
    stylish; fashionable
  227. chicanery
    trickery; deception
  228. chide
    to scold
  229. chimerical
    imaginary; fantastic; unreal
  230. chirography
    the art of handwriting
  231. chivalrous
    courteous; courageous; loyal
  232. choleric
    easily angered
  233. chronic
    long-lasting churlish rude; ill-bred
  234. cipher
    person or thing of no value; zero
  235. circuitous
    roundabout; indirect
  236. circumlocution
    roundabout way of speaking
  237. circumscribe
    to encircle; to limit or confine
  238. circumspect
    cautious; careful
  239. circumvent
    to surround or entrap; to go around or bypass
  240. citadel
    a fortress
  241. cite
    "to quote a passage
  242. civility
  243. clairvoyant
    having great insight; keenly perceptive
  244. clamber
    to climb with effort or difficulty
  245. clamor
  246. clandestine
    secretive; private
  247. clangor
    harsh ringing sound
  248. clarify
    to make clear
  249. clarion
    clear and shrill
  250. claustrophobia
    fear of enclosed spaces
  251. cleave
    (two meanings) to split something apart; to stick or cling to something
  252. cleft
    split; divided
  253. clemency
    mercy; leniency
  254. clich�
    a trite or worn-out expression
  255. clientele
  256. climax
    highest point
  257. clime
    climate; region
  258. clique
    "a small
  259. cloistered
    secluded; confined
  260. clout
    (colloquial) power; influence
  261. cloven
    divided; split coadjutor assistant; helper
  262. coalesce
    to blend; to merge; to fuse
  263. coddle
    to treat tenderly
  264. coerce
    to force
  265. coffer
    a strongbox
  266. cog
    a gear tooth; a minor part
  267. cogent
  268. cogitate
    to think; to consider carefully
  269. cognate
    related; relevant
  270. cognizant
  271. cognomen
    family name; last name
  272. coherent
    logically connected; consistent
  273. cohesive
    tending to stick
  274. cohort
    colleague; associate; partner
  275. coincide
    to occur simultaneously
  276. collaborate
    to work together; to cooperate
  277. collage
    collection of various bits and pieces (usually artistic)
  278. collate
    to put together in order
  279. collateral
    security for payment of a loan
  280. colloquial
  281. colloquy
  282. collusion
    conspiracy; agreement to commit a wrongful act
  283. colossal
    huge; enormous
  284. combative
    eager to fight; argumentative
  285. combustible
    capable of catching fire easily comely attractive
  286. commemorative
    honoring; remembering
  287. commence
    to begin
  288. commendation
  289. commensurate
  290. commiserate
    to express pity for
  291. commodious
    roomy; spacious
  292. communal
    shared; pertaining to a group of people
  293. compact
    (two meanings) firmly packed (adjective); a treaty (noun)
  294. compassion
    pity; sympathy
  295. compatible
    agreeable; harmonious
  296. compel
    to force
  297. compendium
    brief summary
  298. compensatory
    paying back; making up for
  299. complacent
  300. complement
    "(note spelling
  301. compliant
    yielding; submissive
  302. complicity
    partnership in a wrongful act
  303. components
    ingredients; elements
  304. composure
    calmness of mind or manner
  305. compulsory
  306. compunction
    uneasiness; remorse
  307. compute
    to calculate; to estimate
  308. concave
    hollow; curved inward
  309. concede
    to admit; to grant
  310. concentrate
    (two meanings) to think deeply; to increase in strength or degree
  311. concentric
    having a common center
  312. conception
    (two meanings) a beginning; original idea or plan
  313. concession
    allowance; the act of yielding
  314. conciliate
    to soothe the anger of; to win over
  315. concise
    brief and to the point
  316. conclave
    secret meeting
  317. concoct
    to invent; to devise
  318. concomitant
    accompanying; attending
  319. concord
    agreement; harmony
  320. concourse
    a crowd; a wide street
  321. concur
    to agree
  322. condescend
    to lower oneself to an inferior's level
  323. condign
    deserved; suitable
  324. condiment
    seasoning; spices
  325. condolence
    expression of sorrow
  326. condone
    to excuse; to overlook
  327. conducive
    tending to or leading to
  328. conduit
    pipe or tube through which fluid or electricity passes
  329. confidant
    "a close
  330. configuration
    shape; arrangement
  331. confiscate
    to seize by way of penalty
  332. conflagration
    a large and destructive fire
  333. confluent
    merging; flowing together
  334. conformity
    agreement; doing the same as others
  335. confounded
    confused; amazed
  336. congeal
    to freeze solid; to thicken
  337. congenial
    friendly; agreeable
  338. congenital
    existing at birth
  339. conglomerate
    mass; cluster; corporation
  340. congregate
    to gather; to assemble
  341. congruent
    in agreement
  342. coniferous
    bearing cones (pertaining to trees)
  343. conjecture
    to guess conjugal pertaining to marriage
  344. conjure
    to call upon or to command a devil or spirit to practice magic; cast a spell on
  345. connivance
    pretended ignorance of another's wrong-doing; conspiracy
  346. connoisseur
    an expert
  347. connote
    to suggest or imply
  348. connubial
    pertaining to marriage
  349. consanguinity
    close relationship. usually by blood
  350. consecrate
    "to make holy consensus general agreement
  351. console
    (two meanings) a musical panel or unit (noun); to comfort (verb)
  352. consolidate
    to combine; to make or become solid
  353. consonant
    in agreement or harmony
  354. consort
    (two meanings) a husband or wife (noun); to associate or join (verb)
  355. consternation
    sudden confusion; panic
  356. constituents
    voters; supporters
  357. constraints
    restrictions; limits
  358. constrict
    to shrink; to bind
  359. construe
    to analyze; to interpret
  360. consummate
    to complete (verb); perfect (adjective)
  361. contagious
    likely to spread; infectious
  362. contaminant
    substance that pollutes or infects
  363. contemn
    to regard with scorn or contempt
  364. contemporary
    happening in the same time period; current
  365. contemptuous
  366. contentious
    ready to argue; Quarrelsome
  367. contest
    (three meanings) a competitive game (noun); to dispute (verb); to compete (verb)
  368. contiguous
    nearby; neighboring
  369. contingent
  370. contort
    to twist; to distort
  371. contraband
    smuggled or stolen goods
  372. contrary
  373. contravene
    to go against; to oppose
  374. contretemps
    an embarrassing occurrence
  375. contrite
    sorrowful; penitent
  376. controversial
    debatable; Questionable
  377. contumacious
    disobedient; obstinate
  378. contumely
  379. contusion
    a bruise
  380. conundrum
    a riddle
  381. convalesce
    to recover from an illness
  382. convene
    to come together; to assemble
  383. conventional
    ordinary; usual
  384. converge
    to come together; to meet in a point or line
  385. conversant
    being familiar with
  386. converse
    (two meanings) to talk to someone (verb); the opposite (noun)
  387. convex
    curving outward
  388. conveyance
    a vehicle
  389. convivial
    sociable; friendly
  390. convoke
    to call together
  391. convoluted
    twisted; coiled
  392. cope
    (with) to deal with; to contend with
  393. copious
    plentiful; abundant
  394. coquetry
  395. cordial
    friendly; courteous
  396. cornucopia
    horn of plenty; abundance
  397. corollary
    inference; deduction; consequence
  398. corona
    crown; bright circle
  399. corporeal
    pertaining to the body
  400. corpulent
    fat; fleshy
  401. corroborate
    to strengthen; to confirm
  402. corrosive
    "eating away
  403. corrugated
    wrinkled; ridged; furrowed
  404. cortege
    funeral procession; group of followers
  405. cosmic
    pertaining to the universe; vast
  406. cosmopolitan
    worldly-wise; universal
  407. coterie
    close circle of friends
  408. countenance
    "(two meanings) the face (noun); to permit
  409. countermand
    to cancel an order
  410. counterpart
    duplicate; copy
  411. coup
    a brilliant move; a successful and sudden attack
  412. courier
  413. covenant
    an agreement; a contract
  414. covert
    hidden; secretive
  415. covet
    to desire
  416. cower
    to tremble in fear
  417. coy
    shy; modest
  418. cozen
    to trick
  419. crafty
    sly; tricky crass
  420. crave
    stupid; unrefined to desire strongly
  421. craven
  422. credence
    belief; trust
  423. credible
  424. credulity
    readiness to believe; gullibility
  425. creed
    a religious belief
  426. crescendo
    gradual increase in intensity or loudness
  427. crestfallen
    dejected; humbled
  428. crevice
    an opening; a crack
  429. cringe
    "to shrink back
  430. criterion
    measure of value; standard of judging
  431. crone
    hag; withered old woman
  432. crony
    close friend crotchety grouchy; eccentric
  433. crucial
    extremely important; decisive
  434. crucible
    a severe test or trial
  435. crux
    the essential part
  436. cryptic
    mysterious; secretive
  437. crystallize
    to settle; to take on a definite form
  438. cubicle
    small compartment
  439. cudgel
    club; thick stick
  440. cue
    a hint; a signal
  441. cuisine
    style of cooking
  442. culinary
    pertaining to cooking
  443. cull
    to select; to pick
  444. culminate
    to result in; to reach the highest point
  445. culpable
  446. cumbersome
    heavy; hard to handle because of size or weight
  447. cumulative
    collected; accumulated
  448. cupidity
  449. curb
    to control; to check
  450. curry
    to try to win favor by flattery
  451. cursive
    running or flowing
  452. cursory
    superficial; hasty
  453. curtail
    to cut short
  454. cynic
    one who is critical; a fault-finder
  455. cynosure
    center of attention
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