cellular level of organization

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  1. cells
    living sturctural and functional units enclosed by a membrane.
  2. cell biology
    is the study of cellulare structre and function
  3. plasma membrane
    forms the cells flexible outer surface seperating the cells internal environment from the external. It is a selective barrier that regulates the flow of materials in and out of the cell.
  4. Cytoplasm
    consists of all the cellular content between the plasma membrane and the nucleus. It is where almost all of the chemical reactions in the cell take place.
  5. Cytosol
    the fluid portion of the cytoplasm. It contains water, dissolved solutes, and suspended particles.
  6. organelles
    they each of characteristic shapes and functions in the cytoplasm
  7. nucleus
    is a large organelle that houses most of a cell's DNA.
  8. Chromosome
    a single molecule of DNA associated with several proteins and contains thousands of heriditary units called genes.
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Cellular level of organization
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