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  1. áger, ágrī,
    • m., field, farm
    • (agrarian, agriculture, agronomy)
  2. agrícola, agrícolae
    m., farmer

    (cf. ager)
  3. amīcus, amīcī, or amīca, amīcae
    m., friend

    (amicable, amiable, amity; cf. amō)
  4. fēmina, fēminae
    f., woman

    (female, feminine, femininity)
  5. fīlia, fīliae
    f., daughter.

    • dat. and abl. pl. fīliābus,
    • (filiation, affiliation, affiliate, filial)
  6. fīlius, fīliī
    m., son

    (for derivatives, see fīlia)
  7. númerus, númerī
    m., number

    (numeral, innumerable, enumerate)
  8. pópulus, pópulī
    m., the people, a people, a nation

    • (populace, population,
    • popularity, popularize, populous)
  9. púer, púerī
    m., boy; pl. boys, children

    (puerile, puerility, puerperous)
  10. sapiéntia, sapiéntiae
    f., wisdom

    (sapience, sapient, sage, savant)
  11. vir, vírī,
    m., man, hero

    (virtue, virile, triumvirate; not virulent)
  12. avārus, avāra, avārum
    greedy, avaricious

    (avarice, avariciousness, avid)
  13. paúcī, paúcae, paúca
    usually pl., few, a few

    (paucity, pauciloquent, poco)
  14. Rōmānus, Rōmāna, Rōmānum

    • (Romance, romance, romantic, romanticism, Romanesque,
    • Romania)

  15. (prep. + abl)
    down from, from; concerning, about.

    • (also as a prefix dē- with
    • such meanings as down, away, aside, out, off)
    • (demote, from dē-moveō; decline,
    • descend)
  16. in
    (prep. + abl)
    in, on

    • (also as a prefix)
    • (induce, inscribe,
    • invoke; for dē-, in-, and other prefixes, see App., Some Etymological
    • Aids)
  17. hódiē
    adv., today

  18. sémper
    adv., always

  19. hábeō, habēre, hábuī, hábitum
    to have, hold, possess; consider, regard

    • (in-habit and
    • in-hibit, “hold in”; ex-hibit, “hold forth”; habit, habitat)
  20. sátiō, satiāre, satiāvī, satiātum
    to satisfy, sate

    • (satiate, insatiable, satiety,
    • satisfaction)

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