pelvis pathology

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  1. what is osteitis pubis
    inflammation or degeneration of pubic symphysis
  2. etiology of osteitis pubis
    repetitive microtrauma (sports) or fracture
  3. pt presents w:
    • anterior pelvic pain
    • hx of sports or trauma
    • sypmphysis is ttp
    • osteitis symphysis
  4. wrk up for osteitis pubis
    AP pelvis (+/- inlet or outlet)
  5. tx for osteitis pubis
    • rest
    • nsaids
    • fusion if sy don't improve
  6. what is sacroiliitis
    inflammation of degeneration of SIJ
  7. etiology of osteitis pubis
    • infection
    • arthritis
    • reiters
  8. pt presents w:
    • low back pain
    • SIJ is ttp
    • + FABER
    • sacroiliits
  9. work up for sacroiliitis
    • xray or CT of joints
    • bone scan to r/o infxn
    • labs if infxn suspected: cbc, est, crp
  10. tx for sacroiliitis
    • rest
    • nsaids
    • corticosteroid injection (diagnostic and therapeutic)
  11. etiology of ishcial bursitis
    prolonged sitting
  12. pt presents w:
    • butt pn w sitting
    • ischial tuberosity ttp
    • no pn w active hamstring mvmt
    • ischial bursitis
  13. mimics hamstring pull
    ischial bursitis
  14. ischial bursitis work up
    • AP pelvis to r/o avulsion
    • MRI to r/o hamstring insertion injury
  15. ischial bursitis tx
    • rest
    • nsaids
    • decrease sitting or sit on cushions
  16. what is hip pointer?
    iliac crest contusion
  17. etiology of hip pointer
    direct trauma to iliac crest
  18. wrk up of hip pointer
    AP pelvis to r/o fx
  19. tx of hip pointer
    • rest
    • nsaids
    • padding iliac crest
    • corticaosteroid injection
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