pelvis radiology

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  1. Technique of an AP pelvis
    AP, feet IR 15degrees, beam directed at midpelvis
  2. Technique of a pelvic inlet
    AP, beam 45degrees towards feet (caudal)
  3. Technique of a pelvic outlet
    AP, beam 45degrees towards head (cephalad)
  4. Technique of an obturator oblique
    beam at affected hip with hip raised 45degrees
  5. Technique of an iliac oblique
    beam at affected hip and UNaffected hip raised 45degrees
  6. 6 landmarks on AP
    • anterior column (iliopectineal)
    • posterior column (ilioischial)
    • "teardrop"
    • acetabular roof/ dome
    • ant acetabular rim/wall
    • posterior acetabular rim/wall
  7. landmarks on pelvic inlet
    • SI joints
    • pelvic brim
    • pubic rami
    • sacrum
  8. landmarks on pelvic outlet view
    • iliac crest
    • pubic sympyshysis
    • sacral foramina
  9. landmark on obuturator oblique
    obturator foramen
  10. landmarks on iliac oblique
    • iliac crest
    • sciatic notches
  11. indication for inlet
    pelvic ring fx; looking ofr posterior displacement or widening of pubic symphysis
  12. indication for outlet view
    pelvic ring fx; looking for superior displacement of hemipelvis
  13. indication for obturator oblique
    • acetabulum fx--> ACPW
    • anterior column
    • posterior wall
  14. indication for iliac oblique
    • acetabulum fx--> PCAW
    • posterior column
    • anterior wall
  15. indication for MRI
    • labral tears
    • tumors
    • stress fractures
  16. indication for bone scan
    • tumors
    • infections
  17. indication for CT
    sacral and acetabular fractures
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