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  1. What is the fourth of a fire tetrahedron for flames to exist?
    Uninhibited chemical reaction
  2. Normal oxygen content in a atmosphere is
    19.5 to 22
  3. A deep fat fryer fire is a
    Class Bravo Fire
  4. A electrical fire is a
    Class Charlie Fire
  5. To combat a fire you must know
    The type of fuel involved
  6. What class of fire produces ashes
    Class Alpha Fire

    • (True/False) Class "A" fuel requires 400 degrees F or more to reach its ignition temperature.
    • True
  7. Magnesium and Titanium material fire would be
    Class Delta Fire
  8. To avoid shock from CO2 portable fire extinguisher you should
    ground the cylinder to the deck.
  9. How many gallons of premixed solution is in a Portable AFFF Extinguisher
    2 �
  10. How does Potassium Bicarbonate Powder (PKP) extinguishes a fire by
    breaks the combustion chain.
  11. Primary extinguishing agent for a class �B� fire
  12. Primary extinguishing agent for a class �A� fire
  13. Primary extinguishing agent for a class �C� fire
  14. PKP extinguishers are effective on fires less than.
    10 Square ft
  15. CO2 cylinder rupture disk
    2650-3000 psi
  16. A CO2 cylinder is pressurized to what psi @ what temp
    850psi @ 70�
  17. AFFF extinguishers weigh
    28 lb
  18. Who delivers messages from the OSL to RPL
  19. rapid response team?
    Fire marshal, Repair electrician and two others
  20. (True/False) Investigators work with groups of two
  21. Who is in charge scene
  22. Directed by the OSL, and is in charge of the Attack Team
    Team Leader
  23. (True/False) Four personnel make up the Rapid Response Team.
  24. (True/False) The Number 1 Hose Team is on the open side of the door.
  25. Discovering a fire, the immediate report is to
    The OOD
  26. (True/False) Short burst of water onto hot spots is a efficient method of boundary cooling
  27. Who overhauls a Class Charlie fire
    Repair Electrician
  28. What will the last man on the fire hose become once the hose team is ready to back out of the space?
    Bite man
  29. What must you wear when entering the smoke control zone?
    Breathing Apparatus
  30. Burning Phosphorus produces what colored flames.
  31. What is ineffective on magnesium fires
  32. (True/False) You can fight Magnesium fires with CO2
  33. Extinguishing agent for MK45 magnesium flares
  34. Not recommended for magnesium fires
  35. (True/False) A stream of water on Magnesium fires will cause an explosion.
  36. After a main space fire whose permission is needed to dewater the bilges
    Commanding Officer
  37. Portable CO2 extinguishers are for fires less than
    Four square feet
  38. (True/False) A CO2 extinguisher may be used to combat a Class �B� fire that is NOT greater then four square feet.
  39. What extinguisher with AFFF
    27 lb. PKP extinguisher
  40. (True/False) On small pool fires use PKP or CO2 extinguishers.
  41. Who establishes and maintains an ongoing FOD prevention program?
    Helicopter Control Officer / Flight Deck Officer
  42. What is proper protective equipment for a rescue man on the flight deck?
    Proximity suits
  43. What color flight deck jerseys do fuel handlers wear?
  44. What color flight deck jersey do plane captains and mechanic�s wear?
  45. What is the additional primary duty of the Plugmans during flight deck firefighting?
    Communication with the AFFF station
  46. What color jerseys will the flight deck fire party wear?
  47. What type of gloves protect personnel against abrasions and heat, and are made of leather?
    Firefighting gloves
  48. (True/False) When donning the Fire Fighting Ensemble (FFE), the flash hood should be fully tucked inside the collar of the FFE.

    • What item is not a part of the firefighter ensemble?
    • NFTI

    • Where is the proximity suit stowed when not in use?
    • Hung up where it is readily accessible
  49. The firefighter's ensemble does not offer complete protection against ��.
    CW / BW effects.
  50. One of the limitations associated with the firefighter's ensemble is?
    reduces the body's ability to dissipate heat.
  51. What is the color of the extra large face piece for the SCBA?
  52. The SCBA bottles must be hydrostatically tested every ��. years.
  53. The first stage regulator reduces the pressure of the air from the cylinder to about ....... psi.
  54. At what pressure will the vibralert activate?
  55. On the Scott Air Pac 4.5 bottle, the burst disc ruptures when the pressure inside the air cylinder reaches ��. psi.
  56. A SCBA cylinder has a service life of ��. years before it has to be re-serviced?
  57. The RAM FAN 2000 blower can be used for ��
    supply and exhaust desmoking.
  58. The electrical motor used for the medium capacity portable de-smoking fan is ��
    a thermally protected motor.
  59. The Medium Capacity portable Desmoking Fan should never be used if the �� are removed.
    fan guards
  60. The medium capacity portable desmoking fan is equipped with a ��. foot electric cord.
  61. The RAM FAN 2000 will move ��. cubic feet per minute (CFM) with 40 PSI of firemain.
  62. The non-collapsible trunk diameter that can be used with the RAM FAN 2000 is ��. and ��. inches.
    8; 10
  63. When rigging the RAM FAN 2000 for operation the standard fire hose connections should be ��.
    hand tight.
  64. What must you do with the RAM FAN after each use?
    Flush with fresh water
  65. What is the power source for the box fan?
    110 volt
  66. BECC - 45 Shipboard Fire Station Equipment
    • The three (3) standard size navy fire hoses are ��. inches.
    • 1 � , 2 � , and 4
  67. The two (2) standard rated capacities of the 1 1/2 in vari-nozzle are ��. and ��. gpm.
    95; 125
  68. (True/False) The portable AFFF extinguisher cylinder must be grounded while being discharged.
    B. False
  69. Portable AFFF Extinguisher is intended primarily for use on class ��. fires.
  70. Navy fire hoses are manufactured in standard lengths of ��. feet.
  71. Inline eductors are used for ��.
    mixing AFFF concentrate.
  72. A 125 GPM vari-nozzle is used to fight fires ��.
    on the flight decks.
  73. Fire plugs come in two sizes ��. and ��. inches.
    1 1/2 ; 2 1/2
  74. Who is responsible for performing routine inspections and preventive maintenance on the fire station?
    Division Damage Control Petty Officer
  75. On a fire hose station, the hose shall be stored at least ��. inches off of the deck.
  76. When fighting fires on a horizontal plane users of in-line eductors must limit the hose length downstream to ....... lengths of hose.
  77. What is the recommended percent seawater to AFFF concentrate?
  78. (True/False) The Master SOPV provides a means of controlling the Hycheck and Power Check valves.
  79. To avoid rapid wear or seal damage, the pump should Not be allowed to run dry for more than ��. seconds.
  80. The BPPS has a capacity of ��. GPM.
    60 -1000
  81. The re-entry hose reels on the BPPS are equipped with a ��. gpm bail operated van nozzle.
  82. Pumps are protected from debris in the concentrate by a ��..
    wye strainer.
  83. Deck edge sprinkler nozzles are NOT used to protect ��.
  84. During normal operation, the only moving part of the Hytrol Valve is the ��.
    • diaphragm assembly.
    • .
    • While working on the AFFF BPPS, an H2S leak would be characterized by a ��. smell.
    • rotten egg

    • The APC stowage cylinder contains APC solution and is charged with what type of gas?
    • Nitrogen
  85. What does APC stand for?
    Aqueous Potassium Carbonate
  86. To release the tension of the cable and allow the APC pressure release control box to activate automatically during a fire, the ....... must melt.
    fusible link
  87. (True/False) When APC makes contact with burning oil in the fryer, it forms a soapy foam.
  88. What does APC do to grease fires?
    It prevents air from mixing with the oil inhibiting combustion.
  89. What is the function of the Range Guard Extinguishing System fusible link?
    Releases the cable tension
  90. Which of the following locations does NOT provide a means for manual activation of the APC system?
    fusible link
  91. (True/False) The fusible link is located below the deep fat fryer well.Which of the four nozzles listed is NOT an APC nozzles?
  92. (True/False) While operating the range guard extinguishing system (APC), keep fryer areas clean and well ventilated.
  93. (True/False) On the Range Guard Fire Extinguishing System, more than 20 lbs applied force in the cable may cause the fusible links to separate, resulting in premature discharge of the APC system.
  94. Halon 1301 CO2 activation cylinder contains a ��. pound charge of CO2 fitted with a manual valve.
  95. Halon extinguishes a fire by
    chemically inhibiting the flame.
  96. Halon extinguishes a fire by ��
    chemically inhibiting the flame
  97. How does Halon affect the fire tetrahedron
    Chemical chain reaction
  98. The Halon 1301 Flooding Systems are �� lb. systems.
  99. The time delay assemblies on the Halon 1301 provides time ��
    for ventilation shut down.
  100. A space flooded with Halon 1301 must be ventilated at high speed for at least 15 minutes and ��. before entering without a OBA/SCBA.
    gas free tested
  101. The Halon 1301 Flooding System cylinders are equipped with a safety disc which ruptures at ��. psi.
  102. The Halon cylinders are super pressurized with ��
  103. What controls the rate of discharge from the system piping on the Halon 1301 total flooding system?
    Discharge nozzles
  104. (True/False) On the Halon system, the Kidde and Ansul actuator heads are NOT interchangeable.
  105. What toxic vapor is produced when Halon is exposed to temperatures of 900� F. or above?
    Hydrogen Bromide
  106. (True/False) The time delay for Halon 1301 in unmanned spaces is 60 seconds.
  107. In a space where no fire exists and Halon has been released, personnel can be exposed for a period up to 10 minutes with �� percent concentration.
    5 to 7
  108. The Halon 1301 time delay bypass/override valve is used for ��.
    immediate discharge capability.
  109. The CO2 actuator cylinder for the Halon 1301 System contains ��. pounds of CO2.
  110. Halon 1301 is ineffective for class ��. fires.
  111. A space flooded with Halon 1301 must be ventilated at high speed for at least 15 minutes and ��. before entering without a OBA/SCBA.
    gas free tested
  112. The Halon 1301 Flooding System cylinders are equipped with a safety disc which ruptures at
  113. What is one safety consideration with the use of Halon?
    It becomes toxic above 9000F
  114. Personnel should NOT be subjected to Halon concentration of above 7% for more than �� minutes.
  115. (True/False) CO2 flooding system time delay is set at 60 seconds.
  116. (True/False) When inside a space protected by a carbon dioxide flooding system, you are required to evacuate the space when the system is activated.
  117. (True/False) Carbon dioxide can easily be detected by the human senses.
  118. (True/False) After activation of the carbon dioxide flooding system at least 15 minutes is required before re-entry.
  119. The Carbon Dioxide System consists of one or more ��. lb. cylinders attached to discharge piping
  120. The CO2 pressure operated switches are located ��.
    near the access space.
  121. (True/False) After activation of the Carbon Dioxide Flooding System (CO2) you must re-enter with an OBA or SCBA.
  122. (True/False) If time permits, ship's regulations may require authorization from EOOW, OOD, CDO, etc., before flooding a space with CO2.
  123. The safety disk on the CO2 cylinder will rupture at ��. psi.

    • The CO2 cylinder will be pressurized to ��. psi at ��.deg F.
    • 850; 70
  124. (True/False) CO2 is heavier than air.
  125. (True/False) When inside a space protected by a carbon dioxide flooding system there is no need to evacuate the space when the system is activated.
  126. Electrical power tools must be inspected prior to issue by a/an ��.
    qualified electrician.
  127. (True/False) Torque requirements found in drawings, maintenance standard (MS) or technical manuals will be used in preference to general guides for torque.
  128. The personnel who schedules the weekly maintenance is the ��
    Work Center Supervisor.
  129. What contains maintenance procedures pertaining to all equipment in a command?
    PMS Master File
  130. What contains maintenance requirements pertaining to all equipment in a command?
    PMS Master File
  131. What portion of the PMS Master File provides the work center supervisor a ready reference of planned maintenance requirements?
    Work Center PMS Manual
  132. The time required to complete all maintenance listed on the EGL should NOT exceed ��. hours.
  133. What portion of the PMS Master File provides the work center supervisor a ready reference of planned maintenance requirements?
    Work Center PMS Manual
  134. It is NOT safe to operate electrical power tools in areas where ..�.. are present.
    Flammable Gases

    • While grinding or chiseling, what should be used to protect the eyes?
    • Chipping goggles
  135. Which of the following does NOT require eye protection?
    Normal operation of a lube oil system
  136. Chipping paint, sandblasting, and other dust producing operations require ��. protection.
  137. What must be worn when adequate porting and handholds are NOT present to break a fall?
    Safety harness/dyna-brake
  138. One responsibility of the Safety Officer is to
    evaluate areas for sight hazards.
  139. Which of the following does NOT require eye protection?
    Normal operation of a lube oil system
  140. Battle and Emergency Party Organization
    • Whose responsibility is it to train and evaluate repair party and main space personnel?
    • DCTT
  141. Who searches the surrounding area for fire, damage, and personnel casualties?
  142. Who is responsible for organizing and personally directing training of repair parties?
    Damage Control Assistant
  143. What reference provides information about the chemical and physical characteristics of a hazardous material?
    Material safety data sheet
  144. Requirements needed to combat a hazardous material spill are found in the 
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